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[+nrt] '>>>>>Welcome to Takadanama Scans!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'

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2017-07-20 - 2024-02-28
[+nrt] '>>>>>Welcome to Takadanama Scans!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2016-02-14 - 2017-07-20
[+nrt] '>>>>>Welcome to Red-Hawk Scans!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2015-02-15 - 2016-02-14
'>>>>>Welcome to Red-Hawk Scans!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2015-02-14 - 2015-02-15
'>>>>>Happy Valentine's Day!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2015-01-31 - 2015-02-14
'>>>>>Happy New Year!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka48 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana112 !nana98.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2015-01-31 (08:38:00 - 10:38:01)
'>>>>>Happy New Year!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka21 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate479 !lucia33 !nana83 !nana81.5 !nise156 !spoon108'
2015-01-31 (07:38:00 - 07:38:00)
'>>>>>Happy New Year!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka21 !fuuka21.5 !half11 !hayate466 !lucia29 !nana83 !nana81.5 !nise155 !spoon103'
2014-12-31 - 2015-01-31
'>>>>>Happy New Year!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka21 !fuuka21.5 !half7 !hayate466 !illegal04 !lucia29 !nana83 !nana81.5 !nise139 !spoon103'
2014-12-22 - 2014-12-31
'>>>>>Welcome to Red Hawk!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka21 !fuuka21.5 !half7 !hayate466 !illegal04 !lucia29 !nana83 !nana81.5 !nise139 !spoon103'
2014-12-25 - 2014-12-27
'>>>>>Merry Christmas to you all!<<<<< ||Trigger: !fuuka21 !fuuka21.5 !half7 !hayate466 !illegal04 !lucia29 !nana83 !nana81.5 !nise139 !spoon103'