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Network Name:IrcHighWay
IRCD Version:InspIRCd-2.0
Last users:2,048
Last mibbit users:15
Last channels:1,036 Show all channels
Last servers:19
Last updated:2017-10-23 05:38:47

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- no bottler clients please - - - The staff welcomes you at - The Sword that Chooses - - This server is part of the the IRCHighWay network. If you do not disconnect - right now, you agree with this network's Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) - which can be found at the following URL: - - - - By connecting to this network you agree to have your host scanned - for open proxies. - - For more information about the IRCHighWay network, such as our Privacy Policy, - you are welcome to visit our main website at - - Server Admin: Peorth <email:> - - Location : Pennsylvania US - Ports : 6660 to 6669 and 7000, as well as 6697 & 9999 for SSL. - - We do not, and never will hire IRCops. So don't bother asking. - - Bottler bots, Flood bots, Irc-Ork bots, Spam bots - and all other abusive Bots will be Banned. - - Non-abusive bots are tolerated, *NOT* supported. - - We reserve the right to disconnect/ban any user from this server at any time - for any reason. If you were banned (akilled) and you think that it was - unjustified, feel free to email banned [at] The ban will be - reviewed, and may (or may not) be removed. - - You might want to have a look at these channels: - #irchighway - for general chat - #help - official help Channel - #abuse - for reporting abusive users - #vhost - for vHost registration - #script - for mIRC scripting help - - Enjoy your stay! -