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[+ntz] To be continued...

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2021-01-22 - 2024-02-25
[+ntz] To be continued...
2020-12-12 - 2020-12-20
[+ntz] Act II, Epilogue ~ The End of an Age
2020-12-04 - 2020-12-12
[+ntz] Act II, Final Chapter ~ To Reunite The Sky
The tides of history have finally converged. The winds of change blow ever stronger through the Endless Sky. Aegis unearthed Server Central, and you stand on the cusp of unearthing Transit Administration Block A0. The sky stands on the edge of a new age of history, if you have but the strength to claim it.
2020-10-26 - 2020-12-04
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter IV ~ Towards The Future
With an increase in Altered Beast activity in the nearby area, the party can no longer afford to wait. The mission to retake the airship from Azure City's Military Sector has to be undertaken now, before the situation worsens further. Far beyond Azure City, the Great Divide beckons. Within the eye of the storm lies the path to A0...
2020-08-02 - 2020-10-25
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter IIIx ~ Blood and Ash
Gorias has fallen. With its gates sundered by the Black Beast, the Altered Beasts were free to pour in and wreak havoc. In such a dire situation, the path forward is shrouded with uncertianty. The group must struggle to survive, grow stronger, and find a path through the encroaching darkness...
2020-08-01 - 2020-08-02
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter IIIx ~ Blood and Ash
2020-07-04 - 2020-08-01
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter III ~ To The Skies Above
The group has a goal - to obtain an airship powerful enough to brave the Great Divide, so that they can disable it and thus access the long lost Transit Administration Block A0. To achieve this goal, they must travel to the heart of 'Lost Blue' - Azure City Military Sector, to obtain a suitably high grade airship engine.
2020-04-23 - 2020-07-03
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter II ~ Fragments Unknown
Having gained administrator access over a Tower and set up a series of signal boosting relays into the Transit Network, the group stands poised to execute the program to synchronize Server Central's access list with the Transit Network: ResonantAdmin::EXEC_NETWORK=ACL_INJECT. However, nothing says this process is going to be easy...
2020-03-28 - 2020-04-23
[+ntz] Act II, Interlude I
The party has learned many things... but, as is all too common in the Endless Sky, the answers to questions come with even more questions. Transit Administration Block A0 is likely disconnected from the main Network. Reaching it may be an even more challenging task than originally anticipated. How are you supposed to reach the lost fragments of the Network...?
2020-02-13 - 2020-03-28
[+ntz] Act II, Chapter I ~ The Beginning of an End
A new sky runner teams forms on Earth. As a routine test of their worth, this team is immediately sent out into the Network. It's supposed to be a simple run, just to see if the group can work together... but, what they find will kick off a chain of events that none of them could have forseen...
2019-12-28 - 2020-02-13
[+ntz] The Edge of the Sky - Chronicles of the Fourth Age - Act I ~ END
2019-11-24 - 2019-12-28
[+ntz] Act I, Final Chapter ~ To Turn The Tides of History
The false Phoenix has fallen, before the might of Aegis and the Last Dragon. The will left behind by Advent and ARK has reached the people of the future. Winds blow throughout the Endless Sky, carrying the promise of change. The beginning of the end of this ancient tragedy. ARK's legacy beckons. Go forth and claim it.
2019-11-11 - 2019-11-24
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter V ~ Ashes of the Past
The path to Server Central is now in sight. The necessary tools to recover ARK's legacy are now in the hands of those that would change fate. But, that does not mean the path is clear yet. To uncover Server Central while Phoenix still taints these skies would be far too great of a risk...
2019-10-27 - 2019-11-07
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter V ~ Ashes of the Past
Phoenix waits across the Great Divide. Unless stopped for good, they will doubtlessly continue to attack Earth. And thus the members of the newly formed Aegis travel across the skies, eventually coming to the point where Phoenix forced their way through the Great Divide...
2019-09-28 - 2019-10-27
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter IV ~ World Asunder
"... Then, with this... I entrust everything to the future!"
2019-09-14 - 2019-09-28
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter IV ~ World Asunder
Who will control the fate of these skies...?
2019-09-14 (06:37:17 - 15:37:20)
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter IV ~ World Asunder
Who will control the fate of these skies...?
2019-09-11 - 2019-09-14
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter IV ~ ???
Who will control the fate of these skies...?
2019-07-10 - 2019-09-11
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter III ~ All That Lives Under These Skies
An echo rings through the Network. Its source is unknown, but in its wake a fragment of the past is revealed. Standing upon this fragment, a number of paths stretch out before you. Some lead home. Others lead to the conclusion of goals, to hated enemies, to new information, and perhaps danger. Which path will you walk...?
2018-10-13 - 2019-07-10
[+ntz] Act I, Side Chronicle I ~ The Paths We Walk
2018-03-03 - 2018-10-13
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter III ~ All That Lives Under These Skies
2018-01-15 - 2018-03-03
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter II ~ The Endless Labyrinth
Fenrir has ended up with maps containing Underworld routes leading to the Shell next visited by Hope’s Ark. There’s just one little problem - the start point for those routes no longer exists. And thus the party will have to find the Shell the old fashioned way - by investigating multiple places the maps could possibly be pointing to.
2018-01-06 - 2018-01-15
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter I ~ An End And A Beginning
2018-01-02 - 2018-01-06
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter I ~ An End And A Beginning
With the access cards acquired and the nearby city explored, there's only one place left for the party to go: The Core. What exactly will they find there? What did Hope's Ark hope to accomplish at the Core? And furthermore, what happened to this Shell?
2017-12-16 - 2018-01-02
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter I ~ An End And A Beginning
Having discovered a log file left by a mysterious group known as "Hope's Ark", the four now set out towards the power plant in search of whatever they need to access the Core area. There's just one problem, the monster guarding the front entrance...
2017-12-10 - 2017-12-16
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter I ~ An End And A Beginning
After defeating the Altered Crusher, the party is given some time to rest and recover, but soon enough they're sent off to explore the fragment of the Shell that nearly collided with Damascus City...
2017-11-26 - 2017-12-09
[+ntz] Act I, Chapter I ~ An End And A Beginning