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Network Name:RippyNet
IRCD Version:InspIRCd-2.0
Last users:163
Last mibbit users:0
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Last servers:4
Last updated:2023-01-20 05:58:44

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- Welcome to the Rippy Network! - - We are an independent network, not affiliated with any site past present or future. - We have 2 servers located in France and the Netherlands. - - We provide NickServ, ChanServ, and HostServ services, and support SASL authentication. - Our SSL certificate is valid, if you had to accept an invalid cert to connect, something is wrong! - Join #help if you - - Network Rules - - - No flooding. - - No harassment of any kind. If you are being harassed - and the channel ops won't help, /join #help - - Well behaved bots are allowed, please don't abuse the privilege. - - Channels are run by their ops. As long as they don't break - the network rules, we won't intervene in internal disputes. - - Ban evasion (either from a channel or the network) can be grounds - for a permanent network ban.