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Welcome to the HybridIRC IRC Network You are now connected via Network Rules: No Mass Advertising (channels, webpages, etc.) No DOS or DDOS attacks. No Flooding, Hacking, Nuking or Spoofing. No Cloning (5 Connections Per IP.) No War Scripts or Channels. No Ban evasions. No IRC Operator Begging or Impersonating. No Transmission of Virally infected files or kiddie porn. No Unauthorized Bots. Network Channels: #HybridIRC - Public development and testing discussion channel #Help - Help channel for HybridIRC and IRC-​related issues #lobby - Main hangout, community chat channel Server Information: Hosting Provider: Server Location: London, United Kingdom Both IPv4/IPv6 connections are supported through IPv4-enabled: - IPv6-enabled: Standard IRC Ports: 6660-​6669, 7000 Secure (TLS) Ports: 6697 (GnuTLS enabled) Web IRC Clients: Kiwi IRC: The Lounge: Disclaimer: By connecting to this server you agree to be bound by the terms put forth in HybridIRC's Acceptable Use Policy located at If you do not agree to our policies or break the rules deliberately then we take action by removing you permanently from this network. Remember, access is a privilege and not a right. If you disagree, please disconnect now. Warning: Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an unmoderated medium. HybridIRC takes no responsibility and explicitly disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through this network or the results of running any commands while using these services. We reserve all rights to deny access to this server to any user, host or domain without warning or explanation. Attention: This server runs an open proxy monitor and scans all clients for open proxies upon connection to the network. This scan does not affect your system in any way. It verifies that you are using a secured connection. If your connection is insecure, you will be removed from the network and given information on how to secure it. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our users but internal security depends on it. For more information, please visit ​ Enjoy your stay on HybridIRC!