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- - IRC.COLOSOLUTIONS.COM Ports: 6660-6669,7000,8080 - Orlando, FL USA 6697,9999 (SSL) - ____________________________________________________________________ - ____________________________SERVER STAFF____________________________ - - Admins: Vaerchi, ^duck^ - Opers: Azi, BeigeCS, bk, corrupt, cshepherd, dewo, feti, Merch^ - ____________________________________________________________________ - ___________________________SERVER POLICES___________________________ - - * No spamming * No abusive bots, clones or drones - * No channel takeovers * No flooding or mass messaging - * No nick juping clients * Four connections/IP - - Clients in violation of the above policies will be removed from - this server without notice. - - Operators on this server will NOT get involved with channel or - nickname related issues. For all channel op/ownership disputes, - please join #chanfix. - - Proxy and drone (CTCP VERSION) scans are issued upon connecting - to this server. These are not attempts to hack in your computer! - If you do not wish to be scanned, please use another server. - - Check us out on the web at - for server colocation, managed colos, cloud services and more! - ____________________________________________________________________ - - Disclaimer: we take no responsibility and disclaim all legal - liability for the content of all messages which pass through any - EFnet server or the effects of executing commands as a result - of being connected to EFnet. This server is privately owned; - therefore, your use of it is a privilege and not a right. We - reserve the right to deny any access or services on this server - without warning or explanation. By using this server you agree to - these terms. If in doubt, please use another server. Thank you! - - ____________________________________________________________________ -