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#NEWS - | based ufotable saving anime | bring an xdcc bot for +a (pm twi or tazmanian for access)
Star Citizen guild:
Sign up for this virtual server crap, you'll get 2 free months of lowest tier server:
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:: #ELiTEWAREZ :: Search: ONLINE :: Join #ELITE-CHAT for Search, Subscriptions, and Chat!
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:: ELiTEWAREZ :: Search: ONLINE|Triggers: !help !search !latest !recommended !hot !4k !movies !music !sports !tv !bluray !french !apps !games !ebooks !xxx !learn ::
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»»-(¯`v´¯)4--» 3Website:
Please help us seed the files and report any issues you see here.
Update 08-06-2022: Happy leeching, migration and configuration completed! 4»»-
#HorribleSubs 418 users [+CMNcntz] Connect more info...
Website: (Farewell)
XDCC parser:
Status Arutha: Happy leeching!
Suggestion: Come join #SubsPlease the one stop shop for new anime
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(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ :: /Join #Batcave-Chat For !newest !latest !Movies !Search  ONLINE and Much More !Request ONLINE (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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Welcome to #Chat it's now Autumn. Beware white chicks, and "Pumpkin Spice", Dr_DICK, And White chicks! Zack should have been sentient and second2050 is confused. Do not accept tacos from Dwarf
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Rizon Idle RPG - Help and commands:
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#DOWNLOAD .��:WaReZ ItaLiA:��. :: Aggiornamento File H24 - No CoDe :: NeWs:Beast*Memory*DC League Of Super Pets*Watcher*Men*Bullet Train* Crimes Of The Future*Nope*Shark Bait*The Twin DvDRip: Thor.Love.And.Thunder.2022*Pinocchio.2022*Nessuno Ne Uscir� Vivo*HollyBlood*SenzaLimiti*Gagarine*End.of.the.Road.2022'
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(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ :: oןןǝɥ Show help: !help !latest !search.Want Something Not here use !reqhelp To Find Out How!!
(down) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
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The room dedicated to current events, politics, gender, race, science, cryptocurrency, economics, entertainment, history, religion, philosophy, or any other type of knowledgeable discussion.
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<JEWS> important video
#doki 174 users [+CMNnptzl] Connect more info...
~ Doki Rub-a-dub-dub Thanks for the Grubs ~ | "RIP Fujiwara Keiji" Edition | | XDCC: | FB: | Steam: | Triggers: .anitv @/!find !xdcc/list !ttOjii so picky:<
#commie-subs 168 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
☭ Commie Subs ☭
what if anime was good
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Welcome to #computertech
free pilk
#/g/technology 151 users [+Ccnptz] Connect more info...
Choose between Fedora/Kinoite/SystemD/rpm-ostree/GNU/KDE/Linux and DEATH for your computing needs™
This operation is not permitted because it will break the system. Abort.
Use for all your Technical Needs™
Zanthas was never here
Management does not endorse what hallucinate says unless it reflects positively on
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Rizon Chat Network Help
IRC or Rizon questions? See
If that link doesn't help, ask, and then wait for assistance
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Welcome to [#UK] 'Come back soon, Underdose!' Edition | !karma- nick & !karma+ nick | SUNDAY is FREE OP day | £ | R.I.P Bmonk 1988-2013, #UK Co-Founder | | Saying no to the USA since 1776
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No Rice No Life™
Channel guidelines:
Rice database:
Channel stats:
cappuccino> why do people use void linux, its such a lonely life
@nil> i might have brain damage
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Please respect our server rules !
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why are women so fat and eat so much
all of medicine was always tranny shit
the antichrist is jewish
instead of ****** i say bone headed
jewish aliens abducting the money from your wallet
we need the beaners to pick the damn crops down here - queen nance
the prince of peace didn't come to bring peace, but a sword "I am come to sen
#homescreen 109 users [+Nnptz] Connect more info...
penis | penis | vagina
#VIzon 104 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #VIzon, the Rizon Lottery channel
Drawing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 00:00:00 UTC!
Next Drawing:
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Welcome to #TownSquare. Rest in Peace QEII - God Save King Charles. - Quick to judge, quick to anger, slow to understand... prejudice and ignorance walk hand in hand -- Please tune in and listen to our wonderful D.J's !radio for radio DJ RICH - UnderDose, there are no words that can be said. I am praying for you and my phone is open 24/7 if you need to talk! We <3 u!
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dead place is dead
#tinychan 95 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Tinychan
Talkboard: - Textboard: ???:
irc stats:
movie stream every(?) saturday:
<Jevin> *EEEECH EEEECH SKWAAAA* said atechan after his trainer tooke away his bananan
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this channel is freedom of expression, if bothered use your IGNORE function. ALL views or opinions expressed by the channel users don't represent the views or opinions of the channel and/or its owner. USE IS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION. You are free to leave at any time. Whose your daddy? Is he the topic?
#CHIHIRO 93 users [+MNntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to ~Chihiro Fansubs~!
Releases: Slime 02, BRR 03, Citrus BD, Izetta BD, SukaSuka BD, Otome BD, Taboo BD, Goblin Slayer BD |
#/g/tv 92 users [+z] Connect more info...
Not My Velma
#intel 86 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Bad cpus and a dead channel. Maybe I should revive it?
XDCC Guide:
If you need channel access back hl snowfag
#myanimelist 86 users [+Cnptz] Connect more info...
Ban Help: Request a forum mod. Password Recoveries: /query Kineta help Channel Rules:
#asianbookie 82 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to LiveChat  For Malaysian Users, If You cant access to AsianBookie.Com forums, Please use this alternative link >>> 
#CanaDian 81 users [+CNntz] Connect more info...
**CANADA** 9"We Like Beer" N♥E♠W♦S♣ 3 3 #truestoners SLAVA UKRANI #drugs 1#alcohol
#nyaapantsu 77 users Warez [+ntzl] Connect more info...
Backup domain:
Annoucement channel: #nyaapantsu-notice
Off Topic: #nyaapantsu-offtopic
Dev Chat: #nyaapantsu-dev
To reclaim your torrents/gain trusted status join #nyaapantsu-help
#ECLIPSE 75 users [+CMntz] Connect more info...
Eclipse Productions || Turning over on the other side in hibernation... || Last Releases: Hayate no Gotoku Movie, Shakugan no Shana Final 24 || Triggers: !help, !faq, !rules || XDCC list on
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#/vt/ - Virtual Youtubers
Hololive/Nijisanji/Vshojo/all other vtubers welcome!!!
bishoujo abataa no jidai da yo!
the list:
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Idle for legalization :: smoke weed everyday :: getting kicked gives you ops :: Free clients on all os/phones and irc chat is mirrored in a channel: :: 420 playlist yo :: gimme gimme btc:1HHzPWfecyYQHsHX3u2mGw6hc2zWSRVoMP ltc: LfshegbFMaSwffT7xpzsG7G4gShe19LipS :: rip KOTTEN
#DameDesuYo 69 users Warez [+MNntz] Connect more info...
We've moved to Discord.
#Politics-Uncensored 69 users [+CMNRnz] Connect more info...
Welcome to
No warranty expressed or implied
Joe Biden's Press Secretary is a hottie.
Available now: My Son Hunter :
Rated 8/10 by Nancy Pelosi
Tonight at 11: Race War!
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Bienvenue en #politics ! Amusez-vouz et profitez de votre sejour. Musical interlude
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[ ] !new !triggers [a-S]New-Releases: [Golden Time 18-20, Gundam Build Fighters Try 17-20, Run With the Wind 9-12][Golden Time 14-17, Gundam Build Fighters Try 13-16, Run With the Wind 5-8][Golden Time 9-13, Gundam Build Fighters Try 9-12, Run With the Wind 1-4][Interviews with Monster Girls 9-13, Golden Time 5-8, GBF Try 5-8]
#animesenshi 64 users [+Mnt] Connect more info...
XDCC Listing:
Latest: Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (BD) - Volume 2, Yagate Kimi ni Naru (BD) - Volume 2, Made in Abyss - Batch (BD)
#3dshacks 64 users [+cmnptzl] Connect more info...
Read First:
read @rules and @piracy
#3dshacks-ot for Trivia/Fun/Spam
#3dscoop for finding players for COOP games
Register with Rizon to talk
For chanops, (only use for problems with the channel itself) use !mods
#BAT-CHAT 64 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸© or use #Batcave-Chat,#Batcave ©¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸¸,ø¤°`°¤ø,¸
#metawoke 63 users [+ntzl] Connect more info...
e5e5e5Expanding consciousness
#rizonbnc 61 users [+NRScntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #RizonBNC, Rizon's official BNC channel
BNC status: EU:
Before requesting, please read and
If the FAQ does not answer your question, please ask and wait patiently.
#Erai.raws 60 users [+Mntz] Connect more info...
The official channel for Erai-raws
#xmas 58 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Thanks for participating in the Rizon Holiday Event 2021! Rizon staff wishes you good health and a great 2022!
#randommusic 56 users [+Cntzl] Connect more info...
༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Come share music! Stream is located at Add songs by linking youtube, soundcloud, or vimeo! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ
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Welcome to #r9k, a friendly channel for whale-mannered inderviduals
SadCrab 1996-09-15 - 2014-06-03
Good night FED
it is over
Anyone playing Overwatch 2 should hang themselves with a rope.

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