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#NEWS 690 users [+CMNnptz] Connect more info...
#NEWS - | based ufotable saving anime | bring an xdcc bot for +a (pm twi or tazmanian for access)
Star Citizen guild:
Sign up for this virtual server crap, you'll get 2 free months of lowest tier server:
#elitewarez 652 users Warez [+mntz] Connect more info...
:: #ELiTEWAREZ :: Search: ONLINE :: Join #ELITE-CHAT for Search, Subscriptions, and Chat!
#elite-chat 619 users Adult [+cntz] Connect more info...
:: ELiTEWAREZ :: Search: ONLINE|Triggers: !help !search !latest !recommended !hot !4k !movies !music !sports !tv !bluray !french !apps !games !ebooks !xxx !learn ::
#HorribleSubs 510 users [+CMNcntz] Connect more info...
Website: (Farewell)
XDCC parser:
Status Arutha: Happy leeching!
Suggestion: Come join #SubsPlease the one stop shop for new anime
#subsplease 507 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
»»-(¯`v´¯)4--» 3Website:
Please help us seed the files and report any issues you see here.
Update 01-01-2022: Happy new year! 4»»-
#easyminer 503 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
#batcave 472 users [+mntzl] Connect more info...
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ :: /Join #Batcave-Chat For !newest !latest !Movies !Search  ONLINE and Much More !Request ONLINE (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
#chat 282 users [+CNSnptzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #CHAT a family friendly place to stay and talk. | Please enjoy the short dark dismal days of winter | RIP Betty White | If you read this, you are gay.
#batcave-chat 255 users Adult [+ntzl] Connect more info...
(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ :: oןןǝɥ Show help: !help !latest !search.Want Something Not here use !reqhelp To Find Out How!! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
#rizonirpg 242 users [+CNcmntzl] Connect more info...
Rizon Idle RPG - Help and commands:
#8chan 222 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
<Beast> #blessed
#truth 216 users [+cntzl] Connect more info...
The room dedicated to current events, politics, gender, race, science, cryptocurrency, economics, entertainment, history, religion, philosophy, or any other type of knowledgeable discussion.
#download 201 users [+cntz] Connect more info...
#doki 194 users [+CMNnptzl] Connect more info...
~ Doki Rub-a-dub-dub Thanks for the Grubs ~ | "RIP Fujiwara Keiji" Edition | | XDCC: | FB: | Steam: | Triggers: .anitv @/!find !xdcc/list !ttOjii so picky:<
#commie-subs 183 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
☭ Commie Subs ☭
no one cared who i was til i put on the mask
seriously, nbk stinx
#Rizon 181 users [+CNcntzl] Connect more info...
Rizon Chat Network
For IRC/Rizon help, visit #help
Do not spam channels or links.
No one talking/don't know what to do? Type /join #chat
#/g/technology 160 users [+Ccnptz] Connect more info...
Choose between SystemD/Arch/GNU/pipewire/GNOME/Linux and DEATH for your computing needs™
This operation is not permitted because it will break the system. Abort.
Use for all your Technical Needs™
Zanthas is back!
#help 151 users [+CNcnptzl] Connect more info...
Rizon Chat Network Help
IRC or Rizon questions? See
If that link doesn't help, ask, and then wait for assistance
##8chan 144 users [+tz] Connect more info...
gay ******s
******s : shut up
̇ ͜>˙
storm's comin
Je suis KJV
return to monke
The year of Linux on the Desktop is finally here! LET'S GOOOOOOOOO
nationalism isn't dead yet
muh ******s
SENPAI!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 you must return desu pls
kjv finally started to talk
#rice 143 users [+CMNntz] Connect more info...
No Rice No Life™
Channel guidelines:
Rice database:
Channel stats:
cappuccino> why do people use void linux, its such a lonely life
@nil> i might have brain damage
#uk 126 users [+Mnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to [#UK] 'Oh Em \g' edition | get jabbed you fools, especially if over 40 | £ | R.I.P Bmonk 1988-2013, #UK Co-Founder | | Saying no to the USA since 1776
#VIzon 123 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #VIzon, the Rizon Lottery channel
Drawing every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 00:00:00 UTC!
Next Drawing:
#asianbookie 122 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to LiveChat Wishing all Chatters a Healthy, Happy & Prosperous CNY! Huat Ar!
#myanimelist 121 users [+Cnptz] Connect more info...
Ban Help: Request a forum mod. Password Recoveries: /query Kineta help Channel Rules:
#intel 106 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Bad cpus and a dead channel. Maybe I should revive it?
XDCC Guide:
If you need channel access back hl snowfag
#tinychan 101 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Tinychan
Talkboard: - Textboard: ???:
irc stats:
movie stream every(?) saturday:
<Jevin> *EEEECH EEEECH SKWAAAA* said atechan after his trainer tooke away his bananan
#gg 100 users [+Ncnt] Connect more info...
you can download the code geass recap movie here: // Israel 2019
#CHIHIRO 100 users [+MNntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to ~Chihiro Fansubs~!
Releases: Slime 02, BRR 03, Citrus BD, Izetta BD, SukaSuka BD, Otome BD, Taboo BD, Goblin Slayer BD |
#homescreen 98 users [+Nnptz] Connect more info...
drink PILK // Ok, so my GF dumped me today for the stupidest reason. Basically, in the last month, I've become addicted to pilk (2 parts pepsi 1 part milk). I recently lost my job due to COVID and it's been helping me cope. The "problem" is that I have been going through about a gallon of milk a day to make pilk. The cost is starting to add up, milk literally costs more than gas, but it'
#asthenia 97 users [+ntzl] Connect more info...
.cmds .subs .reqhelp || REQ FTP UP
#DameDesuYo 91 users Warez [+MNntz] Connect more info...
DDL: | Torrents: | Latest: Domestic na Kanojo (05), Boogiepop wa Warawanai (10), WotaKoi (03), Blend S (09), Eromanga-sensei (04), Clockwork Planet (04), DanMachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria (04), Masamune-kun no Revenge (09) | BDs & Batches:
#/g/tv 90 users [+z] Connect more info...
His name was Robert Paulson (and Louie Anderson).
#xmas 85 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Thanks for participating in the Rizon Holiday Event 2021! Rizon staff wishes you good health and a great 2022!
#animesenshi 83 users [+Mnt] Connect more info...
XDCC Listing:
Latest: Shoujo Shuumatsu Ryokou (BD) - Volume 2, Yagate Kimi ni Naru (BD) - Volume 2, Made in Abyss - Batch (BD)
#nyaapantsu 83 users Warez [+ntzl] Connect more info...
Backup domain:
Annoucement channel: #nyaapantsu-notice
Off Topic: #nyaapantsu-offtopic
Dev Chat: #nyaapantsu-dev
To reclaim your torrents/gain trusted status join #nyaapantsu-help
#ECLIPSE 81 users [+CMntz] Connect more info...
Eclipse Productions || Turning over on the other side in hibernation... || Last Releases: Hayate no Gotoku Movie, Shakugan no Shana Final 24 || Triggers: !help, !faq, !rules || XDCC list on
#marijuana 80 users Drugs [+nptz] Connect more info...
Idle for legalization :: smoke weed everyday :: getting kicked gives you ops :: Free clients on all os/phones and irc chat is mirrored in a channel: :: 420 playlist yo :: gimme gimme btc:1HHzPWfecyYQHsHX3u2mGw6hc2zWSRVoMP ltc: LfshegbFMaSwffT7xpzsG7G4gShe19LipS :: rip KOTTEN
#Anime-Supreme 77 users [+NRntz] Connect more info...
[ ] !new !triggers [a-S]New-Releases: [Bleach 241-251, Brave Witches 10-13, Granblue Fantasy 10-14][Bleach 230-240, Brave Witches 5-9, Granblue Fantasy 5-9][Bleach 220-229, Brave Witches 1-4, Granblue Fantasy 1-4][Bleach 210-219, B: The Beginning 9-12, One Piece Strong World]
#lobby 70 users [+Nnptz] Connect more info...
(\/) (',,,,') (\/) Welcome to Click-Clack-Snap-Chat (\/) (',,,,') (\/) Where all the Cool Lobsters hang out! #Lobby (\/) (',,,,') (\/) - Politics = execution
#pcmasterrace 70 users [+MNntz] Connect more info...
Panda and haltdef's light novel corner. Also Sapphirus is here.
#Politics-Uncensored 68 users [+CNRnz] Connect more info...
Welcome to
No warranty expressed or implied
5KurtGodel> BREAKING NEWS: old fat people sometimes die ; scientists baffled
#3dshacks 67 users [+cmnptzl] Connect more info...
Read First:
read @rules and @piracy
#3dshacks-ot for Trivia/Fun/Spam
#3dscoop for finding players for COOP games
Register with Rizon to talk
For chanops, (only use for problems with the channel itself) use !mods
#/vt/ 66 users [+mntz] Connect more info...
#/vt/ - Virtual Youtubers
Hololive/Nijisanji/Vshojo/all other vtubers welcome!!!
new channel theme:
#masterwarez 63 users Warez [+ntzl] Connect more info...
XDCC Search Engine at .»>º}®{º<«._ MaSTeRWaReZ _.»>º}®{º<«._ ** Welcome to #MasterWarez _.»>º} Must register your nick with nickserv to enter!
#1WAREZ 63 users Warez [+ntz] Connect more info...
#pa-subs 63 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
.::Post-Apocalyptic Subs::.
"Hanging in there" Edition
[Latest Releases: Beastars S2 24, Beastars Vol.1, Cencoroll Connect, Baja no Studio v2]
Site: Up
#Erai.raws 63 users [+Mntz] Connect more info...
The official channel for Erai-raws
#underwater 62 users Warez [+nt] Connect more info...
Latest releases: Ajin - 13 (END)
For XDCC, use !list or @find
Killing anime one release at a time(tm)
#rizonbnc 62 users [+NRScntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #RizonBNC, Rizon's official BNC channel
BNC status:
Before requesting, please read and
HexChat users: update your client to prevent issues with connecting
If the FAQ does not answer your question, please ask and wait patiently.
#freespeech 62 users [+ctz] Connect more info...
Welcome to freedom of speech
UHF passive RFID tags can have a read range of up to 15 meters or 50 feet
word of the day: Autonomy: the quality or state of being independent, free, and self-directing

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