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Mibbit : #minecraft 1 users [+nt] Connect more info...
n0v4 : #minecraft 1 users Connect more info...
Esper : #coders 125 users Connect more info...
Welcome to #coders. The EsperNet coders dwell here, also dragons.
This is not a Minecraft channel. Do not ask anything about Minecraft unless you can describe it as a generic Java issue.
Don't ask "does anyone know ..." or "does anyone have experience with ..." questions; ask your real question instead.
welcome to the coders anonymous support group
Esper : #help 157 users Connect more info...
This is not a Minecraft help channel (http://bitty.io/kramerc/5744972)
Have a question? Just ask! Please be polite and patient in doing so. Help out others if you can.
Please don't ask for help on behalf of others, have them ask instead.
EsperNet doesn't provide cloaking, vHosts or BNCs.
Please don't give out IRC or Services command shortenings
ViSiON-iRC : #BvS-Etherium 6 users [+ntr] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Hotel Bawglifornia, home of the "famous crew".
<Frostwing> We are the Bawg O: Resistance is Futile
For NotPanda: http://tinyurl.com/omcw4qk
Kitty is doing fine
lizzy: poke me if your on minecraft
diggy diggy hole
WhatNET : #minecraft 6 users Connect more info...
map: broke :: server is updated to 1.0 :: New empty World - get Building!
Foonetic : #xkcd-minecraft 25 users [+ntrSCf] Connect more info...
Resonant Rise server info: http://0au.de/~minecraft/resonantrise.txt
Resonant Rise map: http://0au.de:2471/
Mumble: mumble://berigora.net/xkcd-minecraft (ask Kyth)
Esper : #minecraft 376 users Connect more info...
Welcome to #minecraft
Rules: http://is.gd/mcirc_rules
You must register to talk. /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER
IRC forums: http://minecraftirc.net
Join #minecrafthelp for help!
Mumble: voice.minecraftirc.net
#minecraft is gun-free. RIP Eddie, taken from us too soon in a tragic ironing incident
Rezosup : #minecraft 7 users [+nrtz] Connect more info...
Esper : #minecrafthelp 159 users Connect more info...
Welcome to #minecrafthelp: The community support channel for Minecraft
Account issue? http://is.gd/mc_acct
Rules: http://is.gd/mch_rules
Client/Server: 1.8.8; Launcher: 1.6.44; Pocket Edition: 0.12.1
We only support non-modded current releases.
Forge and Optifine ARE mods. Stop saying they aren't.
Esper : #minecraftonline 57 users Connect more info...
MinecraftOnline.com SMP server
TeamSpeak at minecraftonline.com
Donation kits available - http://mco.re/donate
Facebook - http://facebook.com/minecraftonline
wiki - http://mco.re/wiki/Main_Page
Vote and comment: http://mco.re/wiki/Server_lists
Bug trackers: http://mco.re/wiki/Bug_Reporting
Map: http://mco.re/map
BadnikNET : #x 67 users [+lnrt 378] Connect more info...
The Cutting Room Floor: #tcrf - Jul: http://jul.rustedlogic.net
Welcome to the Metroid Prime Beta
For invisible Armor in Minecraft: http://luca.rustedlogic.net/LilaUpgrades.rar
BadnikNET : #minecraft 8 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Server: sukasa.rustedlogic.net:25566
No advertising non-Jul content
Block Mesa 1.0.5 is up: http://www.technicpack.net/api/modpack/kasacraft
RULES http://jul.rustedlogic.net/thread.php?id=15776
Esper : #minecraftwiki 19 users Connect more info...
|| http://www.minecraftwiki.net/
Miney's at #minecraftwikichanges
RIP Wynthyst: http://www.gamepedia.com/wynthyst
Esper : #Risucraft 106 users Connect more info...
RULES: https://github.com/risucraft/rules
#MCP is at 8.11
For general Minecraft help, #minecrafthelp
For forum service visit #minecraftforums
Don't pester about updates
Esper : #smp 33 users Connect more info...
Server MultiPlayer channel on Espernet for Advertisement/Searching!
Rules: http://pastebin.com/zEhzx5Af - REV 3
Minecraft SMP List: http://mcserverlist.net/
R.I.P. AdBot
Alternatively known as: Secret Multi-functional Peripherals
NFNet : #minecraft 3 users [+ntr] Connect more info...
It's a Minecraft world after all.
SlashNET : #gmg.minecraft 3 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Chaoz : #TxR 2 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Minecraft: MC1.6.2-R0.1 CB#2810
dev - Livemap: http://silversystem.de:8123/
Esper : #wxmc 4 users Connect more info...
\\\\\\-\\\\\\- - Minecraft is dead! Now we OC the shit out of our Rigs! - www.facebook.com/wxminecraft - Power to the Linux! - -//////-//////
Arg-IRC : #minecraft 7 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Server is using Argpack v1.5
Get the argpack http://mc.arg-irc.net/Argpack.zip
https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/15XZ8e6Gc2SU1uFkZC17q5WZ2xS8PvLZB709hSZnlFqQ/edit#gid=0 Argpack v2 suggestions
Expect world restarts till it works right
ParadoxIRC : #minecraft 11 users [+nt] Connect more info...
SynIRC : #scpminecraft 2 users [+ntr] Connect more info...
Welcome to the SCP Minecraft
The wiki password is 'butts'
Snowshoe's server (BACK UP):
A Dissertation on Nacht: http://scpminecraft.wikidot.com/nachtruine
http://scp.so/whodunnit List your username here!
Rizon : #GiantBomb 29 users [+Nnptzl] Connect more info...
Uncharted Collection [Oct 09] // TW3 Expansion #1, Dragon Quest Heroes, Minecraft: Story Mode [Oct 13] // Tales from Borderlands & Life is Strange Finale, Guitar Hero Live [Oct 20] // Assassin's Creed Syndicate, Warhammer: Vermintide, Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorn [Oct 23] // Chaos Reborn [Oct 26] // WWE 2K16 [Oct 27] // Need For Speed [Nov 03] // CODBLOPS3 [Nov 06]
Rizon : #yibis 113 users [+cntz] Connect more info...
(屮゚ Д゚)屮 Yibis Fansubs http://www.yibis.com Movie 9/10/Z Episode 0 episodo 710 (!710) http://arutha.04u.nl:5000/txt Torrents: http://tracker.yibis.com/ http://xdcc.yibis.com/list.txt !NO SPOILERS! Yibis Minecraft & TS3: yibis.com ♫♪♥ щ(゚Д゚щ)
Rizon : #minecraft 18 users [+ntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #minecraft! Official channel located at irc.esper.net/#minecraft
Need help? Is no one responding? See: http://www.minecraftwiki.net | you AMSG you die | No handouts
ColdFront : #fc 4 users [+ntrSCj] Connect more info...
Welcome to Fantastic Contraption's Room of Minecraft! Here are the Guidelines: http://wiki.fantasticcontraption.com/wiki/FC:Chatroom and http://irc.mzl.fi/
Afternet : #minecraft 31 users Connect more info...
Minecraft: Story Mode Ep. 1 to be released on 2015-10-13 - A cube-based game of building and survival. - http://www.afternet.org/channels/minecraft
GTANET : #minecraft 1 users [+nt] Connect more info...
ColdFront : #minecraft 1 users Connect more info...
CrushAndRun : #minecraft 11 users [+nt] Connect more info...
mc.crushandrun.net ~ Minecraft 1.8 ~ MultiWorld Creative & Survival ~ Ask an op for whitelist. ~ MCPE is up, but no IRC yet. Please use your PC edition username to connect.
CaffieNet : #minecraft 21 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #minecraft
Servers: http://smwc.me/1025268
Survival is back! The port has changed to 25565
Survival Dynmap: http://minecraft.caffie.net:8123/
Caffeine is back too! Port: 25568
SynIRC : #minecraft 2 users [+ntr] Connect more info...
GeekShed : #minecraft 8 users [+ntr] Connect more info...
Minecraft 1.7.9
Be aware of survivalling in 1.7.9, the monsters (and tnt O:) became deadlier! themine's ip: play.theminemc.net:25566
Sorcery : #heaven 2 users [+nt] Connect more info...
http://mc.ultrahypermega.net (Minecraft) :: http://mumble.ultrahypermega.net:64739 (Mumble)
DarcHoods : #minecraft 2 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Sorcery : #dw-minecraft 9 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
DONATION LINK: Ask for paypal email - Server Address: Ask Using: FTB Direwolf (latest version) Rules: Griefing = Ban
Esper : #minecraftforge 277 users Connect more info...
Downloads: http://files.minecraftforge.net Documentation: http://mcforge.readthedocs.org No PM's Without invitation, WebChats are muted. Do not say Lex's full nick unless nessasary. Stay on topic. Banned topics: Release ETAs, Official API, 'MC would be better in {insert language here}' #ForgeGradle for gradle questions
Slacknet : #minecraft 1 users [+Jnt 5] Connect more info...
Minecraft Server: playmc.kevile.com
DynMap: http://kevile.dyndns.org:8123/#
Esper : #mcmods 3 users Connect more info...
Modded Minecraft Help Channel
DO NOT Promote Jar or ID Resolving Mods
Mod of the Unspecified Interval: Buildcraft Tools: http://bit.ly/1809yjN
Esper : #java 61 users Connect more info...
If you need help with java, please wait patiently for help; we cannot help you if you leave 10 seconds later.
New to java? Use the official tutorials here: http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/
This is not a Minecraft channel. Do not ask about anything thinly veiled as Java programming.
IntelliJ IDEA not supported!
EliteIRC : #JeDaMC 6 users Connect more info...
[+ACFPTdfjnt 5:5 3 6:6 10:10] ¡El servidor de Minecraft de JeDa está aquí!
IP: jeda.theworldev.net
Versión: 1.8.8 - Survival
El relay está activado con el nick "JeDaReLaY" (IRC -> MC /|\ MC -> IRC)
Esper : #minecraftforums 77 users Connect more info...
Official Minecraftforum.net channel
Rules: http://www.minecraftforum.net/meta/chat#minecraftforums
Ask for Minecraft support here: #minecrafthelp (use /join #minecrafthelp to get there)
Mojang server status: http://help.mojang.com
Read about the Update FAQ! http://www.minecraftforum.net/meta/cobalt-upgrade-faq
Esper : #Unabridged 23 users Connect more info...
Welcome to the official Unabridged IRC channel!
Having trouble? Ping BBoldt
Issues: https://github.com/BBoldt/Unabridged
Reddit: http://www.reddit.com/r/MinecraftUnabridged/
Need a server? https://www.modpackindex.com/servers/minecraft-unabridged
OnlineGamesNet : #minecraft 3 users Connect more info...
Rizon : ### 3 users [+cnptzl] Connect more info...
###. Remember, we're looking for a gun that makes *holes*, not *bullet holes*. leave your Minecraft spam here to troll NTAuthority
What-Network : #minecraft 6 users [+nt] Connect more info...
What-Network : #minecraft-chat 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
KottNet : #F16Gaming 3 users Connect more info...
-=F16Gaming=- Talk about gaming! http://www.f16gaming.com/. [Minecraft] Please read: http://forum.f16gaming.com/announcements-15/minecraft-server-status
GlobalGamers : #minecraft 13 users [+tnz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Minecraft. Sometimes we actually talk about it.
I swear we actually play it once in awhile.

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