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Network Name:Tulpa
IRCD Version:elemental-ircd-6.6.2
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Last servers:6
Last updated:2017-09-19 20:26:16

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- - Welcome to the irc! - We hope you'll stay for a while. - - Things that will get a ride on the K-line, directly away from the network, are: - -Channel ban evasions. - -Distribution of material which is illegal in the US. - -Flooding. - -Clones or malicious bots. - -Continuous harrassment in private messages. - - IRCops reserve the right to disconnect a client for an unstated reason. - IRCops are not law enforcement and will not seek out reasons to punish clients. - - Please run "/msg NickServ help" if you want to register your nick. - Please run "/msg ChanServ help" if you want to register a channel. - If you'd like a custom vhost, run "/msg HostServ help". -