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- 27/11/2006 13:45 - Welcome to 12Galaxy.Magicstar.Net  - - We have the following rules here. Please follow them or you WILL be killed - and possibly even banned from not only this server, but the entire network. - - 4RULES:  - 1) NO harassing other users or IRCops. - - 2) NO excessive profanity. - - 3) NO warez or illegal trading of software or otherwise illegal activities. - - 4) NO attempts of DoS attacks or other hacking attemps to either us or any - other user. This includes discussion of the preceding topics. - - 5) NO pornography and/or sex channels. - - 6) NO cybersex and/or cybersex channels. - - 7) NO advertisements OF ANY KIND - violaters will be banned and possibly - reported to their ISP. - - 8) NO evading Channel or Network Bans. - - 9) NO Bots are allowed until AFTER registration. For further details please - see 12 - - 10) No War scripts. - - 11) No Wingating. You will be banned. - - 12) No Gambling, or Gambling related channels. - - 13) No more than two connections will be allowed. Any connections in excess - of two will result in being banned for cloning. - - - 4IMPORTANT:  - Access to this server and to the MagicStar IRC Network is NOT a right, - but a privilege. The Network admins reserve all rights to deny - access to this network to any user, host, or domain without warning or - explanation! - - Your connection to this server means you are bound by the rules and - regulations. If you have disagreement with any of these rules, you must - disconnect now. You will not be warned again. - - Our policies are set up to attempt to encourage an enjoyable IRC - experience. This service costs both money and a great deal of - time. Our staff serve, in this capacity, without reward, but the - job is very real. Stating your opinions in a calm and reasonable - public fashion is the best way to get something revised. An attack - upon an individual operator, or an attempt to launch a complaint in - private to another operator is not only likely to get you ignored, - it may get you akilled as well. You have been warned. - - 4Need Help Or Information??  - Join #Magicstar - Magicstar's IRCop help channel - or, type /helpop <question> - and the next availible ircop will be - with you shortly. - - To view the MagicStar website and all the network rules as well as many other - pieces of information about this network visit: 12  - - Due to the increase of malicious mischeif from users abusing open ports - we've been forced to institude an on connect check when you join. This - check, checks for open socks ports that would allow someone to harrass - our network. We regret the necessity of such an act, but can see no - other acceptable course of action. --The Magicstar Network Staff. - - - Server Administrator: 4Janus  ( 4) - Global IRC Operator: 4Lycorne  ( 4) - Global IRC Operator: 4Mbembe  ( 4) - - -