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- 20/9/2015 16:28 - Welcome to Immortal-Anime - - 4______ ______ ___ ___ __ ______ - 4 'HH' 'HH' ll ll (__) ggg==GG/ - 4 HH HH ll ll ____ ._.--._ gg GG - 4 HH HH .e"""e_ ll ll =""""V II nn n gg GG - 4 HH=====HH /e====== ll ll (sss II nn nn gg GG - 4 HH HH \e ll ll sss II nn nn gg GG - 4 HH HH ". n ll ll n s) II nn nn gg GG - 4 _.HH._ _.HH._ ""--"" _ll__ll_ ""--"" _II__nn_ _nn_ gggGG - 4/| G\ - In the name of God, impure souls of the living dead 4 /G'_ _gG) - shall be banished into eternal damnation. Amen. 4'-=gggggg/ - - - - 4_____________________________________________________________ - Don't forget to visit our website 12 - Don't forget to read the rules by typing /rules - 4������������������������������������������������������������� - - - Network Disclaimer: - - Immortal-Anime and its Owners/Administrators and Affiliates are not - responsible for any of the content or actions from the users on this network. - We accept no liability for any hurt, injury, loss or damage that you may - incur whilst using, attempting to use, or your inability to use this service. - We reserve the right to deny access to this server to any, for any reason - without warning. Pursuant to United States Code (USC), Title 18, Part 1, - - Section 2701 Part (c), Immortal-Anime may do a passive scan on your system to - ensure it does not provide a security risk to our network or its users. More - information on this scan can be provided upon request. Accessing this system - once specifically denied access via a different host or ISP is illegal, - violators my have their ISPs or law enforcement notified. IRC is an - unmoderated environment and you connect here at your own risk. - - Attacks/Virii (Viruses) that deny service, hurt, impair, or otherwise cause - damage to this network, or the users of it are illegal via the Title 18, - U.S.C. Part 1, Chapter 47, Section 1030. They are also illegal via the - Canadian Criminal Code s. 342.2. For information on laws concerning DoS - attacks, and other computer crimes, in other countries, please contact local - law enforcement. Immortal-Anime will cooperate fully with any ISP, proven law - enforcement entity, or court order to aid in the apprehension of persons - who violate the applicable laws. - - This server is unmoderated, but for security reasons, logs are maintained. - Be advised that in case of server malconduct, these logs may be consulted. - - Immortal-Anime is a privately owned and operated network. As such, - Immortal-Anime reserves the right to remove any person or bot from any - or all servers for any reason at any time. - - Each channel founder is responsible for policing their own channel(s) by the - correct laws and guidelines. Immortal-Anime accepts no responsibility for the - actions of channel members or their founders. - 4_____________________________________________________________ - Network Owners: JoN, Wolfwood, Kaugustino, Eru_Roraito - - Services Administrators: hmtX^mokkori, DWKnight, booboodoll, Raylye - Jin, Stro0der, Javi - - Server Admins: JLorenz988, xlack, Dark, mackey, Ichijo - Starlight, maverick_hunter_17, Bowser - - Global Operators: Whisper, GattSp, RocketeerBKW - - - 4������������������������������������������������������������� - If you need help (network/services), join our help channel! 12#Help - - For Network Rules, Type /rules - Ignorance of a rule is not an excuse if you break one. - 4������������������������������������������������������������� -