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Network Name:IdleChat
IRCD Version:Unreal3.2.10.4
Last users:68
Last mibbit users:1
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Last servers:6
Last updated:2020-04-06 11:32:16

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- 9/12/2015 0:05 - Welcome to IdleChat - Enjoy the stay! - - ====================================================== - Upon connecting to IdleChat you agree to abide - by the network rules. Please review these rules - - - The staff of this network does not interfere with - channel issues or issues with users. We are here - to run the network and ensure a safe and enjoyable - environment. Please do not attempt to bring up these - issues to a staff member. We will NOT get involved. - - If you do need help, you can type !911 to get the alert - of an IRC Operator. Please only use this command if you - need immediate assistance, otherwise please join - #help and request help there. - **!911 May not always work #help is your best bet** - - While you are connecting to IdleChat your - connection will be scanned for open proxies. - This is to ensure the safety and enjoyment - of all chatters. - - If you require any assistance or encounter any - problems, please contact one of our network staff - by stopping in #help. - - Have a Nice day. - - Network Channels of Interest: - #idlechat - Network Main Channel - #help - Network Help Channel - - User Channels of Interest: - #damdevil - Old main channel for - #ipocalypse - Old main channel for - ======================================================