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IRCD Version:InspIRCd-2.0
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Last updated:2020-01-21 23:24:49

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- Welcome to HybridIRC IRC Network! - - Network Administration: - Gokturk - (Chief Executive Officer) - Berat - (Chief Operations Officer) - kelalaka - (Member Of Executive Board) - - Network Rules: - No Mass Advertising (channels, webpages, etc...) - No DOS or DDOS attacks. - No Flooding, Hacking, Nuking or Spoofing. - No Cloning (5 Connections Per IP.) - No War Scripts or Channels. - No Ban evasions. - No IRC Operator Begging or Impersonating. - No Transmission of Virally infected files or kiddie porn. - No Unauthorized Bots. - - Network Channels: - #HybridIRC - Public development and testing discussion channel - #Help - Help channel for HybridIRC and IRC-​related issues - #lobby - Main hangout, community chat channel - - Network Details: - Hosting Provider: - Location : Roubaix, France - - IRCd : InspIRCd-2.0.28 - Services : Atheme IRC Services - - IRC Ports: 6660-​6669, 7000 - SSL Ports: 6697 (GnuTLS enabled) - - Web Chat Clients: - - - - Disclaimer: - By connecting to this server you agree to be bound by the terms put forth - in HybridIRC's Acceptable Use Policy at - - If you do not agree to our policies or break the rules deliberately then - we take action by removing you permanently from this network. Remember, - access is a privilege and not a right. If you disagree, please /quit - - Warning: - Internet Relay Chat (IRC) is an unmoderated medium. HybridIRC takes no - responsibility and explicitly disclaims all liability for the content - of any text or materials which pass through this network or the results - of running any commands while using these services. We reserve all rights - to deny access to this server to any user, host or domain without warning - or explanation. - - Attention: - This server runs an open proxy monitor and scans all clients for open proxies - upon connection to the network. This scan does not affect your system in any - way. It verifies that you are using a secured connection. If your connection - is insecure, you will be removed from the network and given information on - how to secure it. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes our users - but internal security depends on it. - - For more information, please visit - ​ - Enjoy your stay on HybridIRC!