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Network Name:GIMPnet
IRCD Version:Unreal3.2.10.5
Last users:3,340
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Last updated:2018-06-19 21:33:47

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- 28/11/2015 1:31 - - This is GIMPnet's Amsterdam server. - - Please be mindful of the following rules: - - - Don't spam. - - Don't run obnoxious bots. - - Don't flood. - - Don't take over channels. - - Don't distribute malware. - - Apply common sense. - - Additionally, this server and some channels on this network do not allow - connections to be made through anonymizing services such as Tor. This - is due to repeated abuse. If you are using Tor or a similar service, - please disconnect now and reconnect without it. Otherwise you may - be randomly banned from the network, without warning. - - This server is also known as and hosts many - GNOME-related channels. As such you should respect the - GNOME Code of Conduct while participating in discussions - on any of the GNOME-related channels: - - - - A list of the most relevant GNOME channels and other general - information can be found at the following page: - - - - GIMPNet supports nickname and channel registrations, - query NickServ, ChanServ (and issue the command 'help'), respectively.