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[+ntrG] We're Better Than You, And We Do It With Style.

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2018-05-07 - 2018-05-20
[+ntrG] We're Better Than You, And We Do It With Style.
2018-04-29 - 2018-05-07
[+ntrG] Repent Sinner! And shut the hell up!
2018-03-26 - 2018-04-29
[+ntrG] It's Gord on the phone. He says for you to shut the hell up!
2018-01-16 - 2018-03-26
[+ntrG] Lately the only thing stopping me from being a serial killer is my distaste for manual labor.
2017-11-16 - 2018-01-16
[+ntrG] That's all well and good, but do YOU want to explain to the Swedish embassy why there are two dozen corpses in my office?
2017-11-07 - 2017-11-16
[+ntrG] We regret to inform you that 2017 has been canceled. All transactions are null and void. No refunds will be issued.
2017-08-23 - 2017-11-07
[+ntrG] It�s not like we have anything better to do with half a trillion dollars. Should we cure cancer or refrigerate one of the coldest places on Earth?
2017-08-18 - 2017-08-23
[+ntrG] "1 percent of ballplayers are leaders of men. The other 99 percent are followers of women."
2017-08-14 - 2017-08-18
[+ntrG] "Why does it seem like I'm the only honest person on Earth!?" "Because your type tends not to reproduce."
2017-07-28 - 2017-08-14
[+ntrG] I win with White because I have White. I win with Black because I am Steinitz.
2017-07-27 - 2017-07-28
[+ntrG] Start Your Day With Rage
2017-06-28 - 2017-07-27
[+ntrG] If you're having Perl problems, I feel bad for you, son--I got 99 problems, so I used regular expressions. Now I have 100 problems.
2017-05-14 - 2017-06-28
[+ntrG] Check Your Privilege.... headfirst into the boards
2017-04-07 - 2017-05-14
[+ntrG] "I can be bought. If they paid me enough, I'd work for the Klan."
2017-01-13 - 2017-04-07
[+ntrG] "I remember sitting down with the Rockets and saying, 'Yeah. I'm going to retire.' They said, 'Well, we'll give you $9 million.' And I said, 'You got a pen on you?'"
2016-12-16 - 2017-01-13
[+ntrG] "Las Vegas? Why are you taking your girlfriend to Las Vegas? You're too young to drink. You're too young to gamble. The only thing you're old enough to do is rent a hotel room and--ahhhh, I gotcha. That's smart.
2016-12-08 - 2016-12-15
[+ntrG] He sees you when you're sleeping
He knows when you're awake
He's copied on /var/spool/mail/root
So be good for goodness's sake
2016-11-13 - 2016-12-08
[+ntrG] Sometimes life leaves a hundred dollar bill on your dresser, and you don't realize until later it's because it <censored> you.
2016-10-12 - 2016-11-13
[+ntrG] "It's either 'Your mom' jokes or me." "Then I, like so many men before me, must reluctantly choose your mom."
2016-10-01 - 2016-10-12
[+ntrG] Ɩ*(G���W.�m���q���S(�6�h�Ȍ-�p�>����d���6�6�i�*sٮ���� � [�gu��Øt4� "� R�����2�B�GQq� (=�
2016-09-07 - 2016-10-01
[+ntrG] If you're anything like me, you make ice by spraying a hose into your freezer and then slamming it shut. But there's a better way...
2016-08-31 - 2016-09-06
[+ntrG] He sees you when you're sleeping... He knows when you're awake... He's copied on /var/spool/mail/root, so be good for goodness' sake.
2016-06-12 - 2016-08-31
[+ntrG] It slowly dawns on us that our parents knew exactly what they were doing.
2016-08-18 (18:05:58 - 21:06:01)
2016-05-28 - 2016-06-11
[+ntrG] People are too hung up on winning. I can get off on a really good helmet throw.
2016-04-30 - 2016-05-28
[+ntrG] I mourn for the example that some parents set. "It's that man's fault for not knowing you were selling what wasn't yours."
2016-04-28 - 2016-04-30
[+ntrG] Why do the failed parents of the failed children always blame others for their failures?
2016-01-10 - 2016-04-28
2015-12-15 - 2016-01-10
[+ntrG] SELFISHNESS: Take what's yours.
2015-12-30 (23:35:02 - 23:35:02)
[+mntirGlk] SELFISHNESS: Take what's yours.
2015-12-10 - 2015-12-15
[+ntrG] OLD WOODEN SAILING SHIPS: They're beautiful.
2015-12-04 - 2015-12-09
[+ntrG] CAPITALISM: God's way of determining who is smart, and who is poor.
2015-12-04 (00:10:33 - 22:10:38)
[+ntrG] <Seifer> Here we go again. <Seifer> <censored> you and everything you stand for, peer.