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Welcome to #mIRChelpers

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2020-07-01 - 2020-07-13
Welcome to #mIRChelpers
2020-06-27 - 2020-07-01
Happy birthday to you Mirjam
2020-06-23 - 2020-06-27
Welcome to Helpers idle/hang around with buddies, All Dalnet helpers are most welcome =)))
2020-06-15 - 2020-06-23
Official founder of #mIRChlepers is DaRkSaMuRai if that make sence... Ain't no E-SiR anymore hehehe... Getting older =)
2020-06-09 - 2020-06-15
Whatever the precise definition, your best friend is the person who gets you. They understand who you are and what you are saying. The greatest distance cannot separate best friends. You will always feel a kinship with them, and be able to instantly continue da friendship even after not talking 4 mny yrs
2020-06-05 - 2020-06-09
Anderson Cooper just to let you know that you're in my blocklist
2020-05-29 - 2020-06-05
You may meet a person and instantly know that you will be best friends forever. Other friendships develop over an extended period of time. In some friendships you may feel a sense of equality, while in others there may be a clear sense that one is giving more to the friendship then the other.
2020-05-28 - 2020-05-29
They said,,.. ""Its better to be alone for the rest of your life than together with a bad company for a minut"" and you honey you're a bad company. Straight up
2019-12-21 - 2020-05-28
๑۩۞۩๑ ωєℓ¢σмє тσ #mIRCHelpers, For Help /join #Help, Happy Mary Christmas!! ๑۩۞۩๑
2018-07-10 - 2019-12-21
๑۩۞۩๑ ωєℓ¢σмє тσ #mIRCHelpers, For Help /join #Help, ALL Helpers are Welcomed! ๑۩۞۩๑
2018-07-10 (00:41:10 - 21:41:15)
๑۩۞۩๑ ωєℓ¢σмє тσ #mIRCHelpers, Remember this is not a help channel, All Dalnet Helpers are Most welcome ๑۩۞۩๑
2018-07-09 (14:41:06 - 23:41:10)
All helpers are welcome
2018-02-05 - 2018-03-07
2014-12-22 - 2017-11-29
\\//\\//elcome to #mIRCHelpers on DALnet. Ask your questions and wait untill you get reply, don't messages OPs without permission. For latest version of mIRC client check: