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Welcome to #BDSM. 18+ only.

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2018-12-16 - 2020-07-12
Welcome to #BDSM. 18+ only.
2015-11-15 - 2018-12-16
[18+] Welcome to #BDSM. It's cold out there, slaves needed to warm everyone...
2016-08-03 - 2017-07-17
2015-11-15 (14:08:45 - 15:08:43)
(18+) Welcome to #BDSM. It's COLD out there, slaves needed to warm everyone.
2015-02-11 - 2015-11-15
18+ BDSM. "Leashes are the Fashion, Pain is A La Mode, Leather’s Seal of Passion, Fucking Whoreslut Code, Bukakke is the Chicest, Sodomy is Hot, Soon the World Will All Wear Black, and Tie a Lover’s Knot."
2014-12-22 - 2015-02-10
18+ BDSM. "Don't give me no roses, no cosseting care, Just kick me around and yank on my hair, Don't give me no darling and dearest my heart, Just beat my bitch fuckass and call me your tart."