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- 7/8/2016 12:01 - This is the short MOTD. To view the complete MOTD type /motd - -  CHAT4ALL Network, Short MOTD V1.4 -- Last Updated: 2011-01-12  - Welcome to the CHAT4ALL IRC Network; a free, publicly accessible network. - This is server:  - If you intended to be on the European server, enter via  - - On this network we do not condone:  - * Racism, harassment, personal attacks or other abuse; - * Flooding, Spamming or Advertising; - * Illegal activities (such as Warez,(D)DoS or childporn); - * Nuking of any kind, such as warbots or using exploits; - * Advertising, or Promoting of other chatservers; - * Excessive Cloning: Max.5 concurrent connections per IP; - * Use of (Open-)Proxy or Tor-servers; - * Indecent conversations with minors; - * Impersonating our staff members or claiming to be part of the staff; - * Claiming to have admin/operator rights, unless you have those rights. - - Upon accessing this server, your connection will be scanned for open proxies, - and your IP will be matched against several 3rd party blacklists. These scans - will originate from IP address For details, please type - /helpop aboutproxies - - We reserve the right to block or terminate your connection at our discretion. - Please keep IRC fun for everyone by abiding to these rules. If you don't, - you risk being temporarily or permanently revoked access to our chatserver. - - The Chat4all staff wish you a nice and pleasant stay on this network! - $ IRC Network Staff:  - $ Adonis (Root) - $ Saya (Co-Netadmin) - $ FiXato (Co-Netadmin) - $ Foxman (Services Operator) - $ Siiw (IRC Operator) - $ Unknown_Entity (IRC Operator) - $ Reikart (IRC Operator) - For more detailed staff contact information, type  /quote staff  - If you need IRC-related support, and you've read the full version of the MOTD, - then they can assist you in #help or through a support ticket at: - - - This is the short version of our MOTD; /quote motd ^ offers the full version, - while  /quote rules  contains a list of our rules. - - *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~[ IRC is a privilege NOT a right ]*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~