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Network Name:AllForMasti
IRCD Version:InspIRCd-3
Last users:276
Last mibbit users:1
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Last servers:4
Last updated:2022-12-07 20:56:13

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( A | l | l | F | o | r | M | a | s | t | i ) *Rules and TOS* 1. No advertisement or spamming of any sort. 2. No harassement/abuse of any users or services. 3. No chat is allowed related to drugs and child abuse. 4. Dont post phone numbers/whatsapp/emails or any other account/ID of any kind of yourselve or of others on channel. 5. No racism/facism No hate speech. 6. No politics. Read more rules by typing /rules Lastly, Have a great time here! This is your second home ;)