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#EuroTG 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to EuroTG: FOUR YEARS NOW
DEM PEOPLE: http://i.imgur.com/onLbrCq.jpg
DEM GAMEZ: http://tinyurl.com/fukkenspreadsheets
DAT GROUP: http://steamcommunity.com/groups/EuroTG
#kp 12 users [+ntzl] Join
Welcome to #kp (Not Kid Parkins)
5:58 PM - chase.: literally just touched Tim's dick
10:22 - chase.: I touched Tim's dick AGAIN
<@espybuns> that feel when you just find out that you can dung bomb while pinned
#GensokyoRadio 12 users [+nptz] Join
Welcome to the Touhou Music Universe on IRC! ~ GR @ Anime Boston & SakuraCon, April 3-5, 2015 ~ Type !playing for current song info
#ajkule 12 users [+cntz] Join
Javni chat paravojne jedinice Ajkule SPOP ||| IN MEMORIAM GLOSHKY: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-gloshky-2357145/1/20 ||| IN MEMORIAM SPOP: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-spop-2225123/1/20 ||| NAŠA GODIŠNJICA: http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-1344-2468198/1/20 ||| Reg. nicka: http://tinyurl.com/ouvy4ss
#ESS 12 users [+ntz] Join
Responsabile: NAZISUKE viceres. plenipot.: Emanuele_Deriu viceres. del. prest.: Aldaron90 Gay: ilKaiser
Form per richiesta prestiti: http://goo.gl/forms/SyHvkwRrRo
Regolamento dell'ESS http://tinyurl.com/regessrev280115
#PERSIAN 12 users [+ntz] Join
Iranian Private Channel
#kl-Channel 12 users [+Nnptz] Join
COOL Channel ["Bollox is back again!" Edition!] !triggers [http://tiny.cc/kl-stats] [http://tiny.cc/BolloxTrigs] [http://tiny.cc/klpic] [http://tiny.cc/klpic-] [http://tiny.cc/trl_] I tried fansubbing as a QC recently. In-short: I was let go :(
Rule1: Be Chill¦Rule2: Obey Rule1
#SLO-MOFA 12 users [+ntz] Join
Slovenian diplomacy channel :: MoFa team this term - ~ :: We dont have any, just ask almighty Bruce =D :: ::
#YUI 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #yui: The rp is now officially discontinued. This room may be used for role play, but keep it clean
Gambling central
Current Music: ???
is of kill
#vxsub 12 users [+cntzl] Join
Vxsub Fansub: http://vxsub.fansub.web.id ʅ(´◔౪◔)ʃ http://puu.sh/bXIfR.jpg
NO xdcc, the server is gone. kthx.
will be up later
#peruvian 12 users [+ntz] Join
#RevMafia 12 users [+ntz] Join

DH's Youtube https://www.youtube.com/user/TheDHReviews
Happy Star Wars Day!! May the 4th be with you!!!
#secura.bih 12 users [+ntzl] Join
|| PRIO 1: http://secura.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=18038
Strana: BiH
Bonus regija: Bar
Za opremu se obratiti: Muhamed2pasa, Wistaa, B34R
Kanal za kupoprodaju #setrade ||
#ISHYGDDT 12 users [+ntz] Join
>2014 >/whois'ing me #ISHYGDDT - costanza.png 5000x5000 http://i.imgur.com/uoYaY.jpg
#Potterskolen 12 users [+cntz] Join
Velkommen til Potterskolens chat, lad magien flyve frit og muffins falde ned fra himlen.
#LL 12 users [+nt] Join
Talk about Modding!
#sharksavers 12 users [+ntz] Join
Seamergency 2014
August 7-11
#beretke 12 users [+ntz] Join
http://tinyurl.com/plrgtyv Novi Formular za REDOVNU! - Registrujete vas nick na chatu - Upustva za registraciju: http://skr.rs/DKR - ||| http://tinyurl.com/pmlzqfr uputstvo kako se prijaviti za obavestenja o udaru ||| http://tinyurl.com/pr9gpso formular za udar! ||| http://tinyurl.com/e-bot-Commands komande za bota ||| http://tinyurl.com/n3rzwvx komande za armbot |||
#Fractured-Reality 12 users [+ntz] Join
°¤º°º¤.,¸ ¸,.¤º°º¤°¤º°º¤.,¸ ¸,.¤º°º¤¤º°º¤.,¸ ¸,.¤º°º¤° Welcome Back! °¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤°¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤° We have GambleBot! °¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤°¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤¤º°º¤.,¸¸,.¤º°º¤°
#420Club 12 users [+ntz] Join
stay High StAy StonEd _~
#Konstantinova_garda 12 users [+ntz] Join
http://i.imgur.com/5mtSnYs.png DOBRO DOŠLI NA CHAT KONSTANTINOVE GARDE - JSDF http://i.imgur.com/5mtSnYs.png
LINK ZA PODELU 7Q7 TENKOVA ZA ZAPOSLENE http://tinyurl.com/n8he3dw
#mapcrew 12 users [+cntz] Join
*-* Transformice Map Crew channel - check the Map Crew FAQ at http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=365714 before asking any map-related questions here
Submit maps in the Map Submissions forum, not here
Report a bad map: P0/1 http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=411126 ; P3+ http://atelier801.com/topic?f=6&t=411129 ; [Danielmago] barry king of mapcrew
#nohomo 12 users [+ntz] Join
[#nohomo] - The bromance channel! - [#nohomo] https://i.imgur.com/QjVHMF8.jpg
#tfmsents 12 users [+cntz] Join
Transformice Sentinel Channel *-* Feel free to ask questions or report something!
Type /c cfmbot sentinels in game to see which Sents are online in your community!
#eggs 12 users [+Nntz] Join
「EGGS」Current Projects: Puni Puni Poemi
Kaguya Hime no Monogatari [480p]
:: Website in development! :: Latest release: Jungle de Ikou 480p Dual Audio
#THT 12 users [+nt] Join
#swe.e-sim 12 users [+cntz] Join
e-Sim Sweden @ SECURA :: NOT BUYING DAMAGE! Välkommen till våran kanal. President: Falcon Posting article links unless a Swedish citizen or channel regular is forbidden, and will result in a ban
#Gamers_Lounge 12 users [+CNntzl] Join
........... Welcome to #gamers_lounge Gamers/Gaming chat ...........
#infermer 12 users [+ntz] Join
The Only thing standing between you and your goal is the bullshit story you keep telling yourself as to why you cant achieve it. !
#nameless-crew 12 users [+CNnptzk] Join
Welcome to the Manami and her long-haired clone Club! Also Minzy? I guess.
Man the man-boobs, we're getting into heavy waters!
CRS-6 upcount http://spacexstats.com/mission.php?launch=22
#Puyasubs 12 users [+ntz] Join
PuyaSubs :: ME CAGA CASI 3 Años EN ESTA COSA LOLOLOLOL :: Donaciones (ABRIL): Hay necesidad xD :: #VivaChavez :: XDCC: ahi esta, no pero no tiene nada LOL :: Sammie la +k :: Buscando staff para Puya+: #PuyaRecluta ::
#Subzia 12 users [+ntz] Join
[Subzia] Team @rt > Website : www.subzia.org > Facebook: www.fb.com/subzia > Terbaru: ┏((= ̄(エ) ̄=))┛
#digital-dominance 12 users [+nz] Join
- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PuRf8CS7Sjc
Who wants to hack UT4 ? Anubis, dualz, ?, ?, ?, ? ||RIP Kobe (For real)
#✈▌▌ 12 users [+ntz] Join
Decided I needed a challenging hobby so have taken up plane spotting in Malaysia.
#eRizon 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #Erizon This is your chat room no age limit for the entire universe that connect from home or wherever you are home help grow this channel and you love romance friendship and more spread the word to all your friends!!
#Mirai-Team 12 users [+ntz] Join
Mirai-Team (NOOB!!!) [http://j.mp/1kO4J2I] Rilisan Terbaru: Goyang Dumang
#eearth 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to the home of the eEarth. || http://eearth.hoddsgames.com || Code Stage: Production V || http://www.facebook.com/HoddsGames please like our Facebook page.
For support questions please visit #eEarth-Support
Read First:
#miniuno 12 users [+nptz] Join
Welcome to #miniuno, the (uno)fficial Uno channel of DCTP :V
#caturday 12 users [+ntz] Join
21:52:00 <Gruntzilla> This channel offends me
#dekats 12 users [+ntz] Join
Fansub de anime en CASTELLANO: ¡Dekats! | URL: http://www.dekats.wordpress.com | Twitter: https://twitter.com/dekatsfansub | Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dekatsfansub
Publicaciones: Kotoura-san 04-06 | Akame ga Kill! 18-24 (Final) | Nerawareta Gakuen | Kuro no Sumika -Chronus- | Kotoura-san 01-03 | Reclutamiento abierto
#codejunk 12 users [+mntz] Join
IT help desk? prrrrrrr! Vuoi imparare? chiedi HOP; Vuoi insegnare chiedi OP.(per essere ammessi bisogna che qualcuno ti raccomandi) Qui puoi fare tutte le domande che vuoi.|| Corsi: www.codecademy.com
Generatore di insulti http://mibpaste.com/YB7N7q
LaTeX della Morte : http://bit.ly/1gbmV3s
#siztra~ 12 users [+cnptz] Join
#publeak 12 users [+Cntz] Join
http://publeakchat.net Œ■ E-Mail: publeak.info@gmail.com ■ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/publeakchat ■ Twitter: https://twitter.com/PubLeakCHAT ■ פורום קפה הפוך http://www.hakafe.com
#Mad-Jackals 12 users [+ntz] Join
Military Commander: Tezuka
Current Leaders/Sluts: Maxxim0 & Varasero
FAGsiglieri : Silverjoker
#erojiji 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #erojiji :: Password/Download guides on forum! :: New channel here! Tell your friends! :: REGISTER A NICK! If you are a regular, PM Dessert/erojiji for an access level. :: If anyone wants me to buy them eroge before I leave Japan, let me know -Dessert
#suna.lt 12 users [+ntz] Join
Official Suna Lithuania channel Current CP - Neficu, Current vCP - Sauklys. Only lithuanian and english are allowed!
#AQP 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #AQP canal de chat internacional para todo el mundo
#occult-reddit 12 users [+nptz] Join
Reddit occult. Well ok. We used to give ops now we chat metaphysics and mysticism
Have fun with this political 5 pt survey of your view http://www.abtirsi.com/quiz2.php
#ryvolution 12 users [+ntz] Join
http://puu.sh/hsbLc/74e91e92a1.png http://8ch.net/ryvo/
#suna.al 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to Albania esim-suna channel ||| CP:labinot

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