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#UguuBot 12 users [+ntz] Join
Visit http://uguubot.com or type .help for commands. If you would like to request uguubot in your channel just type infinity: #channelname
#iw4.re 12 users [+Cmtz] Join
iw4 revised
distributed iw4m fork
#GodsOfMetal 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome Home (Sanitarium \m/) - to the channel of Metal and Rock music fans! HAIL METAL, FAIL justin bieber --- Today song - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKNuzE41CMI In the memory of Maria "Tristessa" Kolokouri - RIP
#echile.div4 12 users [+ntz] Join
tttttt x BULGARIA: http://www.erepublik.com/es/military/battlefield/56908 x ALBANIA: http://www.erepublik.com/es/military/battlefield/56903 ::: tttttt
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#PACYOA: #suits but with less disruptions-http://pastebin.com/ZgLKaCbi
#Yudha 12 users [+ntz] Join
Pindah #TerrificSubs kwkwk
#goth 12 users [+ntz] Join
“I do not suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it.” ---Edgar Allan Poe (http://gothrizon.weebly.com/)
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Web~ http://saien.perrylandia.in/ :: Fansub de chicas <3 || Rilis~ Sailor Moon Crystal 06 wp.me/p4Idby-3k || Imagen del día: http://i.imgur.com/mJ7G7fB.jpg || Saien Scans :soon:
#ManifestDestiny 12 users [+ntz] Join
jackist=God;zorica=God's representative on earth Q5 Weps available for CPC and USPC
#Inf|nity 12 users [+ntz] Join
Bienvenidos a #Inf|nity les agradece su visita - aqui tu forma de pensar cambiara - tendrás el poder de ver a todo nuestro universo - mira hacia el futuro - todo está a nuestro alcance!!.
#supplies.it 12 users [+ntz] Join
______ Chan Ufficiale eItaliano Equipaggiamenti!! - eItaly Official Channel for Equip
#H-Sorairosubs 12 users [+ntz] Join
[»»» http://hsorairosubs.wordpress.com/ «««] Koiito - 01
#suits_roleplay 12 users [+ntz] Join
#suna.kr 12 users [+ntz] Join
대한민국 화이팅 O(≧▽≦)O ~||~ President: 천사 (ksj)
Prime Minister: amino_acid
amino_acid , run for candidacy
#CUAP 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #CUAP! ::: ......... Canal publico de CUAP ..................................................................................................... ::: SUPPLIES: OFF ::: BATTLE: -
#pt.suna 12 users [+ntz] Join
[ Welcome to #suna.pt Portugal's Officcial Channel for E-sim server Suna
Dúvidas: #SuAPN
Congresso: #congresso.pt
Unidades Militares: #BW.Attack
✮✮✮ CP: goncaladas
✮✮ vCP: Drakdd
✮ gov: OP players| voice: Portuguese congress ||]
#KeiichiNetRadio 11 users [+ntz] Join
TOPIC: [ http://www.animeradio.net ] [ http://facebook.com/animeradio ] [ http://www.streamlicensing.com/stations/xar/listen.html ] [ http://tinyurl.com/playxar ]
#DBZ-Szinkron 11 users [+ntzl] Join
Helló! Ne felejts el megszólalni! :) Az Anime fan csoport chat szobájába tévedtél. Itt találod a csoport krémjét. Nem vagyunk sokan, úgyhogy először vagy letámadunk, vagy épp kuss van. Nincs átmenet :D Segítség annak, aki most össze van zavarva itt --> http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=t5xwcfWv
#Asia 11 users [+ntzl] Join
{�{�{�{�{�{�{� welcome to #Asia - http://www.editorialox.com/asia.htm �}�}�}�}�}�}�}
#PublicHD 11 users [+ntz] Join
Official https://PublicHD.to Chat [Updates: https://www.facebook.com/publichdto / https://twitter.com/publichdto]
#Iquitos 11 users [+ntz] Join
#earmenia 11 users [+ntz] Join
///////////////|| WELCOME TO OFFICIAL CHANNEL OF eARMENIA ||///////////////
#gama 11 users [+ntz] Join
[@] Welcome to the Official Channel of GAMA in Secura [@] For anything you may need contact _Mafia_ [@] Happy fighting ! Avatar: http://i.imgur.com/qliFxBy.jpg [@] Side: Portugal
Bonus: Yucatan Peninsula
Battle Link: http://secura.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=14715 [@]Tank Mode = OFF [@] Long Live Ravi09 [@]
#zen-sources 11 users [+nt] Join
cgit : http://git.zen-kernel.org
Snapshots: http://downloads.zen-kernel.org/snapshots/
ML: zen_kernel+subscribe@googlegroups.com (http://groups.google.com/group/zen
Users can use git clone --depth 1 to save time and bandwidth
If you have linux-2.6 repository, also add --reference=linux-2.6
#dota 11 users [+ntz] Join
DotA's latest map: 6.82c - DotA on Warcraft 3 died
Please migrate to Steam & feed Gaben
Dota 2 talks allowed

New year's resolution: quit DotA
#aasupport 11 users [+cntz] Join
»ArtificialAiming Support« [Questions only related to ArtificialAiming hacks] DON'T PM THE STAFF [Please state your business/problem and wait patiently] No HWID resets here, please post in the HWID reset thread - [We will never ask you for a password so don't give out your password EVER] - Please idle in #cryptocoins to talk to einbein about paying with BTC
#GOW 11 users [+ntz] Join
Project White: Two Girls One Holly
Yuri/VN status: Mopai Nov 12th.
Yuri: http://divulge-scans.tumblr.com ||
#pofv 11 users [+nz] Join
Welcome to #UndersLikesBeefyGuys, where the slightly fat-sounding warriors lose weight together in order to reach the ultimate perfection of a manly chest!
Current thread: http://boards.4chan.org/jp/res/10428096
http://pastebin.com/nTpD1kf8 - qazmlpok needs to make a new one
#< 11 users [+nptzl] Join
===|Democracy|Never Forget 1453|Δημοκρατία|===| Topic of the Week: ✈▌▌NEVER FORGET ✈▌▌ NEW AND IMPROVED! http://solunae.tk/i/sol/
#omegle 11 users [+Nmntzl] Join
Talk with a stranger! :: Check out our pastebin at www.pastebin.com/u/Omegle for all of our chat logs :: For commands type ,commands
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FORO http://partido-si.foroes.net Suscribete al boletin: http://tinyurl.com/SI-Boletin Aun no estas en SI? Video --> http://tinyurl.com/VIDEO-SI Canal del Comando CSI--> #CSI Sigue el Congreso-> http://partido-si.foroes.net/-f11 !! Afiliate!! www.tinyurl.com/AFILIATE-A-SI
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»» I.A ««¤»»-(¯`v´¯)--»Intelligence Artificielle®(¯`v´¯)--¤»» I.A «« - http://ia.bot.free.fr -IRC ChatterbotCollection -»»
#mb-au 11 users [+ntz] Join
IaMP alive gaem [?!]
#NEL.er 11 users [+ntz] Join
________ Nueva Espana Liberal - Imperialismo Liberal ________ Nuestro Foro: http://foronel.foroespana.com/ ________ Boletin Oficial: http://tinyurl.com/jvsyhdj ________ Visita #CAN el canal de nuestra milicia
#eMEDIA 11 users [+ntz] Join
3. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2445827 4. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2446728 5. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2447705 6. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2452468 7. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2453360 (windows 8.) 1. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2454811 2. http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/2456571
#superbowl 11 users [+Ncnptz] Join
Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle Seahawks @ Denver Broncos
2/2/2014 6:30 PM EST
SeaHawks won!
#tanoshii 11 users [+ntz] Join
[ www.tanoshii-fansub.com ] [XDCC: www.tanoshii-fansub.com/xdcc/ ] Kaiji 2 - 11
Chihayafuru 09
Una noche en el tren galáctico
Chihayafuru 08
Minori Scramble! OVA
Natsume Yuujinchou BD
Persona 4 The Animation RESHARE
Chihayafuru 07
Chihayafuru 06 |
Circunstancialmente vivos 
#shichibukai 11 users [+ntz] Join
Releases: TV 589/666 (-77) - Películas *12/12*- Especiales de TV 5/8  - OVA 3/3| Leer reglas en web| DDirecta en la web
One Piece 588-589 | Movie 12 \o/ | ¡Buscamos urgentemente editores AE!
#@Home 11 users [+ntz] Join
"Media collecting" Edition
Rules: No SPAM. No advertising. Questions only accepted in a precise manner.
XDCC: Currently no active bots.
#dark_hideout 11 users [+Bntz] Join
٩๏̯͡๏)۶ TRICK OR TREAT, SMELL OUR FEET ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ <VeryViolated> Ryomu: Why are your hips moving on their own <Ryomu> Because your pussy just feels too good.
#pog 11 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to official channel of Polish Operation Group || Recrutation: www.epog.pl Requirements: hit 10k/q7 || Feel free to ask questions
#vmarket 11 users [+Rcntz] Join
Welcome to vPopulus trade channel
Report Scammers to Mods
AVOID trade with people without +VOICE, or you may get scammed!
Trusted people MINIMUM have +VOICE access
Be aware of fake nicknames, people replace l/I o/0!�
#allnitecafe 11 users [+Cntzl] Join
Welcome to Allnitecafe chat room, Rizon's own part and quit gateway.. please idle here!...............:: Type .trivia to play a game of trivia. Enjoy your stay here! :: Rules: No flood, be nice :) visit our forum and chat , http://ircgeneralchat.webs.com/
#sabah 11 users [+ntz] Join
1=Channel Management 101 - http://s.rizon.net/chan101 2=Channel Management 102 - http://s.rizon.net/chan102 3=Adv Channel Modes 300 - http://s.rizon.net/chan300 4=join #help if you get stuck....5=If you interested to become operator please MEMO Founder .... W E L C O M E....
#herpderp 11 users [+CMRcntzl] Join
dicks and mash
#denpa 11 users [+ntz] Join
Denpa chat! Stay tuned to uploads in a denpa thread somewhere ¬_¬
#endoftheworld 11 users [+CNcntz] Join
#KL 11 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome To #KL .... MEMO Founder For Access Request .... Have a Nice Day & Respect Each Others ...
#multirpg 11 users [+mntz] Join
Multinet IdleRPG
Register: /msg multirpg register username password class
Web: http://multirpg.net
Help and Chat: #multirpg-discuss
#hds 11 users [+cntz] Join
Dobrodosli na službeni chat HDS-a!
Forum: http://ehds.forumotion.com
Mladez: #mladezhds
SR regrutacija kanal: #jahaci.public
Predsjednistvo: #hds-pred
HDS-ova pučka kuhinja: http://tinyurl.com/hds-kuhinja

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