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#animeost 12 users [+Nntz] Join
Welcome to #AnimeOST
Current Raffle Prize: None, sorry
#nekodesu 12 users [+ntz] Join
Neko Desu : Anime music with a human presenter | Saturdays at 9pm, Nantwich Time | http://nekodesu.co.uk : listen http://waa.ai/4VRX : requests https://nkd.su : past broadcasts http://www.mixcloud.com/NekoDesu
#srpski_korpus 12 users [+cntz] Join
http://i9.glitter-graphics.org/pub/862/862499tz159cosm5.gif ||| LISTA ZA PODELU PLATA http://tinyurl.com/upiszaplatesk ||| Avatari: http://i.imgur.com/fiX5C.jpg i http://i.imgur.com/gEFf3.jpg ||| MoF Projekat https://docs.google.com/document/d/1bcepdxIVuUu44KU-IEq1U3kAwuItbBj_J37STZq7OeU/edit?usp=sharing
#kl-Channel 12 users [+Nnptz] Join
COOL Channel ["Bollox is back again!" Edition!] !triggers [http://tiny.cc/kl-stats] [http://tiny.cc/BolloxTrigs] [http://tiny.cc/klpic] [http://tiny.cc/klpic-] [http://tiny.cc/trl_] I tried fansubbing as a QC recently. In-short: I was let go :(
Rule1: Be Chill¦Rule2: Obey Rule1
#tulpa_ot 12 users [+CNcmntz] Join
The .info Rizon channels are closed. Please Read http://pastebin.com/T69Zdp2Q. Please send a /msg to a mod if you have any questions.
A relay bot MAY be implemented to bring messages from the new network's channels.
#HappinessTeam 12 users [+ntz] Join
Happiness Team
| ¡Lolis for life! Ex #Aozora
Fansubeamos únicamente HappinessCharge <3 | Últimos posteos: HappinessCharge Precure! - 36 | ¡Reclutamos QCers!
#llprecure 12 users [+nt] Join
Commence Happiness Charge
#NSC 12 users [+Rntz] Join
|| The National Security Council - http://prntscr.com/2nm73o
Forum: http://eusaforums.com/forum/index.php/board,23.0.html
@home for Prios, @MU for DO and auto-set list
#masjid 12 users [+mntz] Join
islamic state of chat
<%[isis]AmeerAbdullah> hey [nig]alghazi do you have that video of the 3 guys beaheading each other for allah that you said you were jihading to earlier?
has relocated to irc.hugnet.rocks #hug for the time being
#DnDOOC 12 users [+ntz] Join
GOOD GOD, just attack already! Do you never cease with this? Your desire to know everything in advance is a sickness of the mind!
#help.il 12 users [+ntz] Join
»»--(¯`-´¯)-->WELCOME Welcome to the hebrew (israel) help and support channel , IRC help topics including: (NickServ/Chanserv/Memoserv/Hostserv and irc in general) etc , FAQ: visit http://s.rizon.net/FAQ WELCOME<--(¯`-´¯)--««
#secura.bih 12 users [+ntzl] Join
| Dobro došli na oficijalni chat kanal sBosne i Hercegovine
PRIO 1: //
BONUS : //
Za opremu se obratiti: Dev1oool,SanidB0ss ,ZZVenom|| Kanal za kupoprodaju #setrade ||| SUNA KANAL za BIH: #suna.bih
Kanal vlade: #OSBIH
#AraAraUfufu~ 12 users [+ntz] Join
Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2 Ep 03
Bot Triggers: !list, @find
Enjoy your stay, folks.
All releases delayed, everything will be released and patched and batched eventually!
#writingcl/a/ss 12 users [+ntz] Join
"Rizon's premier writing channel." Open discussion encouraged, trolling discouraged, we idle 24/7, opinions and kicks are free upon request.
No we don't help with academic essays please stop asking about it || https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HO-ftRjWQfI
#Mbaacc 12 users [+CNcnptz] Join
Current version: Rev.1.4
INFO: http://swr.guuchan.com/mbaacc107
Forward your port (for both tcp and udp) here: http://portforward.com/
#nfa 12 users [+ntz] Join
Katie-kiddo save me!
#tigrovi-public 12 users [+ntz] Join
Za ulazak u Tigrove kontaktirajte nekoga od OPova /// prije procitajte BITI TIGAR http://tinyurl.com/n7py5ol
#seiyuufan 12 users [+ntz] Join
For the Worship of Seiyuu
Rokyubu live concert http://waa.ai/4vug ||
Love Live 3rd Anniversary http://waa.ai/4OVk
Onsen Specials http://waa.ai/4Ocn
#mofa.ecol 12 users [+ntz] Join
________ Ministery of Foreign Affairs of eColombia ________
CP: AiretuaI||| TEAM MoFA : Dothraki ||Deputies: ||
#14BiQ 12 users [+nptzl] Join
:: A trap haven on the Internet :: Releases archive send missing files to Kyra :: Himegoto anime starts in July
#R-Sonic 12 users [+CNcntzl] Join
Cinos is never back
#TulpaMagick 12 users [+ptz] Join
#tulpamagick Pae's important announcement regarding the future of this channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CJEoASUMZbI
#flighttraining 12 users [+Ncntz] Join
Welcome to the Official Channel of Flight Training
For supplies http://tinyurl.com/USAFRequest
Be sure to register your IRC nicks! http://tinyurl.com/ftIRCguide
Check out the political side of the game http://www.erepublik.com/en/article/-doe-political-module1-2338300/1/20
#doki-games 12 users [+nptz] Join
Welcome to #Doki-games channel!!. !trivia (number) for anime trivia; !trivia GENERAL (number) for general trivia, !uno for uno, !start for Mafiazone-2. http://pastebin.com/hbqzEny1 Have fun !!!
#mlpfillydelphia 12 users [+nt] Join
#secura-sim.it 12 users [+ntz] Join
______ Chan Italiano E-sim Secura
CP: AlessandroI
vCP: Roly00
MoD: AlessandroI - Roly00
MoFA: Mattx
Guida registrazione alla Chat: http://goo.gl/wcRm27
Tutorial: http://goo.gl/YHnQnX
Canale di guerra #secura-war
chiedere accesso
Pack Statali: http://goo.gl/iDeUnc ||
15/10/14 Questo giorno è leggenda
#Falcom 12 users [+nptz] Join
Welcome to #Falcom
Rules: http://seldane.proboards.com/post/188628
Endless History - http://esterior.net/
Ancient Land of Ys - http://seldane.proboards.com/
#secura.my 12 users [+ntz] Join
|| Salam 1Malaysia!
This is the official IRC channel of Malaysia in Secura Server.
Citizenship Application Guidelines: -
Citizenship Application Form: -
English-only policy (EOP) in channel
#primera.my 12 users [+ntz] Join
|| Salam 1Malaysia!
This is the official IRC channel of Malaysia in Primera Server. ||
#HQZone 12 users [+cntz] Join
Welcome to HQZone
#wowg 12 users [+ntz] Join
#Mirai-Team 12 users [+ntz] Join
Mirai-Team (NOOB!!!) [http://j.mp/1kO4J2I] No Mood, DELAY!!!. Terbaru: Da Capo- Backlog, Girl Friend BETA 01, Star Ocean EX 11
#isagoras 12 users [+ntz] Join
||| Oficina Isagoras ||| Partido PLS: #PLS |||| @comandos para comandos del bot Warren ||| UM IMPERIOPLAC #um.imperio
#comkid' 12 users [+ntz] Join
[ #Comkid' ][ Comkid-prime ][ Keep discussion interesting ][ "If you want to, you will find a way. If you don't want to, you will find excuses." ]
#miniuno 12 users [+nptz] Join
Welcome to #miniuno, the (uno)fficial Uno channel of DCTP :V
Player swapping is now done, but it's only available for ops and half-ops since SA would surely abuse it just like in #espionage_graveyard :V
#confetti 12 users [+ntz] Join
°°°°°°°°°°°° The purest and the most thoughtful minds are those which love colour the most.°°°°°°°°°°°° http://dagobah.net/flash/fanfare.swf 
#Flax 12 users [+ntz] Join
Really, we are dead edition|Fall 2014 plans: jack shit
XDCC: [t4w]Horo !list or @find
Status Updates: http://waa.ai/4jUL
DDL: http://waa.ai/4jUb
#Suna.Pakistan 12 users [+ntz] Join
War has begin Hit at T-2 http://suna.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=8735
#neumonofacts 12 users [+ntz] Join
Neumono facts! Random neumono fact: The average volume of a tail is roughly 80% fluff.
#destinyecho 12 users [+ntz] Join
To forward your text to destiny.gg, grab your key with imgur.com/stFI39O.png then /query xxxxx_dharma. My name changes with my mood, and it may take time for me to get back to you. Keep bugging me if there's no response. Use "<" to talk only in IRC. If I need to tell you to not do things that get you banned, don't bother sending your key
#doublecross 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #DoubleCross, the world of traitors! -- Game finder http://tinyurl.com/DXGameFinder -- Gameplay tutorial series https://www.youtube.com/user/Whycalibur/search?query=double+cross -- Current thread: None! -- Druby is going to run a one-shot! Bother him for details in #DrubyDX
#Nextrum 12 users [+ntz] Join
Página: www.thenextrumproject.blogspot.com - Radio: http://wriggle.natsurou.net:8000/fapstation.ogg
Si el gobierno no te da lolis, que te las pague - Ivan 2014
#RedHoTChile 12 users [+intz] Join
MONOSEÑAL: http://prntscr.com/4wgmkz - QUESO SEÑAL: http://prntscr.com/4wgn2a - Info de gobierno (Reservada): https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1sb-UW3u0VbLNWK61EMHfbzlf44Iu96IKTmA2GFuzl6s/edit?usp=sharing
#rlzNET 12 users [+ntz] Join
.::[ PrE: [oN] -|- wEb: [oN] -|- cMd: !prehelp ]::.
#suna.bih 12 users [+cntz] Join
<Dobrodošli na BOSNJACKI državni kanal
živjela BiH
Prio 1 Central Bosnia
bitni kanali: #sutrade #e-sim.suna.support // PAKETI NA CHATU :)
#FP-PHHV 12 users [+mntz] Join
24/7 Harvest
No Ads
#FP-PHDB 12 users [+mntz] Join
24/7 Dustbowl
No Ads
#Sorairosubs-Recruits 12 users [+ntz] Join
#/frz/ 12 users [+ntz] Join
#/frz/ - Norwegian weather
Anna's cuteness is a miracle of the universe!
#suna-tanzania 12 users [+ntz] Join
# Official Suna eTanzania channel # [Queen: happybunny || King for Life: Krivi_Stojko || CP puppet:x3rud || MoD: / || MoFA: Alex_Drex || MoE: /]

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