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new site: http://theyear199x.org/
kickin' rad
It's not just good, it's FUCKING DELICIOUS
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Official https://PublicHD.to Chat [Updates: https://www.facebook.com/publichdto / https://twitter.com/publichdto]
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#NotCliche -:- Homepage: www.notcliche.com -:- ? Current Game - PSO2,CS,LOL
Selling soul to devil digipen : ziddy, papayas, n-chan Werkwerk : Neet Revo, ,valena sleepy, elyssis the angst, mutated bear,daff more derp ,ogga dedz in life.
News: any one need a 3.6k dpi macro mouse http://leapfroglobal.com/amg/mice/alien-ii-g7.html - sheepy
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///////////////|| WELCOME TO OFFICIAL CHANNEL OF eARMENIA ||///////////////
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** #RoFL http://rofl-subs.ath.cx ** News: D-Frag 08/12
Wizard Barristers 12/12 |
**Loli als Maskottchen gesucht!
Ghost in the Shell Arise 04/04+3
Natsu no Arashi Akinai-chuu 13/13
Kotoura-san 12/12
Namiuchigiwa no Muromi-san 13/13
Tonari 13/13
#malaysia 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome To #malaysia .... MEMO Founder For Access Request .... Have a Nice Day & Respect Each Others ...
#dcvcd-chat 12 users [+cntzl] Join
|www.mVCD-DCvCD.net||Home of mVCD!!!||#DCvCD's chat channel||If you are still downloading DCvCD movies, um, GET A FOOKING LIFE ALREADY JEEZ !!!!!||JOIN #IdleQuest for Idle fun!|
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[HF] [Commands: !list @find ] [New Raw: Mizugi Kanojo The Animation 1, Mi Tamashii Nin 1, Helter Skelter Hakudaku no Mura 1, Jinkou Shoujo 1, Mahou Shoujo Ai 2 ep 1, Saimin Jutsu 2 ep 2, Kimi no na wo Yobeba 2, Ikusa Otome Valkyrie 2 ep 2 ] [Soon: ]
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Translation Help Corner
Ask questions about difficulties you have with your work on a (Japanese) translation.
Please use Unicode encoding and be patient~.
Recruiting TLs will earn you a prompt kickban. You have been warned. >:/
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Konachan.com IRC Channel. - Visit Konachan.net for a worksafe version of Konachan
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Triggers: !projects !xdcc 
Epic: http://www.vimeo.com/4208852 I WAS @London MCMEXPO in October 2011
#GOW 12 users [+ntz] Join
Project White: Two Girls One Holly
Yuri/VN status: Mopai Nov 12th.
Yuri: http://divulge-scans.tumblr.com ||
#help.es 12 users [+ntz] Join
Canal de ayuda para Rizon IRC. Espera por uno respuesta. Alguien va a ayudarte.
#stormriders 12 users [+ntzl] Join
#Subarashiki 12 users [+ntz] Join
.: Subarashiki 3.0 FINAL:. All your DINNER belongs to us! <inserte topic gracioso> Prohibido hablar de LoL y DOTA o cualquier otro MOBA en este canal. Que para eso est� #GamersFTL El administrador del canal no se hace responsable de las cosas que puedan liar el resto de usuarios del canal. En especial Rarok y [SkG] / Assert
#e3 12 users [+CNRcnptz] Join
Electronic Entertainment Expo 2014 June 10-12
MS: Mon 16:30 - EA: Mon 19:00 - Ubi: Mon 22:00 - Sony: Tue 01:00 - Konami: Tue 10:00 - Nintendo: Tue 16:00 (all times UTC)
Info/Streams/Links/etc.: http://pastebin.com/zs68t3Ur
#op 12 users [+ntz] Join
:):):):):):) welcome to #Op is @ tranks. (:(:(:(:(:(:
#SI 12 users [+ntz] Join
FORO http://partido-si.foroes.net Suscribete al boletin: http://tinyurl.com/SI-Boletin Aun no estas en SI? Video --> http://tinyurl.com/VIDEO-SI Canal del Comando CSI--> #CSI Sigue el Congreso-> http://partido-si.foroes.net/-f11 !! Afiliate!! www.tinyurl.com/AFILIATE-A-SI
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»» I.A ««¤»»-(¯`v´¯)--»Intelligence Artificielle®(¯`v´¯)--¤»» I.A «« - http://ia.bot.free.fr -IRC ChatterbotCollection -»»
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Gentoo Linux support -- KDE4.2? xrl.us| e2fsprogs block fix: xrl.us/bea7ut
Major udev vulnerability: xrl.us/bepg36
X server 1.5 and your keyboard/mouse stops working? xrl.us/bem6c4
poppler blocks? http://xrl.us/bephtt . - If we dont answer right away, its because we are awesome This Topic is now new :)
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/Ryuusei Fansubs\ Projetos: Brave 10 (09/12), Chobits (23/25), Clannad After Story BD (24/24), Inuyasha Kanketsu Hen BD (21/26), Shigurui (12/12) » SITE: www.ryuusei-fansubs.com. NOSSO BOT "Ryuusei|Shigure" ESTÁ OFFLINE. PACKS: http://www.ryuusei-fansubs.com/?pagina=pack
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Bienvenido a #ebolivia! ::: CP: Hannibal68 :|: vCP:Toshiba Kill :|: Mod :MinhotoLeo :|: Mofa:Bernardo Ernst :|: MoeD: Boris Cortez :|: Tutorial para los nuevos http://boriscortez.wix.com/escuela :: DIST: CERRADA PVT Espera las Ordenes de BATALLA/ORDEN: PEGAR POR CHILE
#Atlantida 12 users [+ntzl] Join
.,-*-,._.,-*'^'~*-> welcome to #Atlantida - http://es.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atl%C3%A1ntida <~*-,._.,-*~'^'~*-,.
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#/a/radio 12 users [+ntzl] Join
#@Home 12 users [+ntz] Join
"Media collecting" Edition
Rules: No SPAM. No advertising. Questions only accepted in a precise manner.
XDCC: Currently no active bots.
#mbt 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to MBT - Latest release: Love Club ch31 & 32 - Also, the first 4 tanks as archives
#dark_hideout 12 users [+Bntz] Join
٩๏̯͡๏)۶ I am a time traveler. However, i can only travel at a constant speed to the future. ٩๏̯͡๏)۶ <VeryViolated> Ryomu: Why are your hips moving on their own <Ryomu> Because your pussy just feels too good.
#8archive 12 users [+ntz] Join
Current Status of the archive: http://i.imgur.com/wiKMBv0.png
To-do List: Database maximum connection Issue, Multi-image functionality, IDs, Search functionality
#Mibbit 12 users [+ntzl] Join
Help channel for Mibbit clients
For questions regarding the Rizon network please /join #help
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!! '-<<--<@ Welcome to #Youtube explora tus videos musicas y todo en -- http://www.youtube.com/ @>-->>-' !i
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#animeindex 12 users [+ntz] Join
Anime Index Torrent Tracker ~ http://tracker.anime.hologfx.com/ ~
#/fit/ 12 users [+nl] Join
#pokémon 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welcome to #pokemon! The one place to talk about Pok�mon and other related things!
#TnS 12 users [+nptz] Join
TnS: http://www.touhounosekai.org
Reimu dice: A friend in need is a friend indeed
Todas las pics de Konachan con tag=landscape : http://nazr.in/LMh
#ELITISTFAGS 12 users [+nt] Join
#herpderp 12 users [+CMRcntzl] Join
dicks and mash
#animelifestyle 12 users [+ntz] Join
Welkom bij AnimeLifeStyle.net!
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#ourroom 12 users [+ntz] Join
all your password are belong to us
http://is.gd/aoNiCG (hail or blame Ennea)
<<Topic to Rent>>
Le petit Chat
Video of the Month: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Omw8CoUCJKs
Channel Stats: http://www.raylu.net/irc/ourroom.html
No Rules, no service: N/A
#kp 12 users [+ntzl] Join
Welcome to #kp (Not Kid Parkins)
5:58 PM - chase.: literally just touched Tim's dick
10:22 - chase.: I touched Tim's dick AGAIN
#sverige 12 users [+ntz] Join
Glad Midsommar! :: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dqgMIRF7acw :: http://i.imgur.com/xU08GlM.jpg ::
#Bethlen 12 users [+nptz] Join
ELIGAZITO http://y0.hu/fm8
Ujaknak ismerteto: http://tinyurl.hu/7Q4K/
Napi parancs szkript: http://tinyurl.com/njt2gm5
ellatmanyert ha nincs fent oszto ig pm zordsajt-nak
#tigrovi 12 users [+nptz] Join
DOBRODOSLI NA KANAL PORODICE TIGROVI MU||| SVI U STRANKU JEDINICE: http://e-sim.org/party.html?id=61 !!! AVATAR:http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=103683b&s=6 Order:http://primera.e-sim.org/battle.html?id=17199 Udaramo za: SRBIJU BONUS: Crisana Banat
#erep.trade 12 users [+cnt] Join
Trade channel for Erepublik:::: ENGLISH ONLY!!!:: Verified Users: @/%/+ . NON OP/VOICE PLEASE USE YOUR GAME NAME IN CHAT. THANKS NONVOICED USE MIDDLEMAN Channel #iMiddle . Type !scammers to see list of possible scammers. RULES Visit : http://ereptrade.blogspot.com
#sigh 12 users [+Cntz] Join
Site: http://sigh.lawl.it
Bot commands: !list @find
Releases Haitai Nanafa 14 Attacker you! 01, Peeping Life WH 9, Senran Kakura SP 5, H2 02[Sighzen]
Recruiting: Timer, Typesetter.
#/twgok/ 12 users [+mntz] Join
Welcome to /TRAINS/ featuring twgok !
Chapter 268 V2 is out!!
Skullkid's Recommended Series of the Week: Kono Bijutsubu Niwa Mondai ga Aru!
TWGOK 2.0 CONFIRMED: http://pastebin.com/qV4i2fJY
#PERSIAN 12 users [+ntz] Join
Iranian Private Channel
#blackfear 12 users [+nptz] Join
\/ . B l a c k . ~ . F e a r. \/ Órdenes Batalla de la DO || Fundación BF http://tinyurl.com/ascvyp8 || Donamos el valor del raw en esp Polonia 5 recursos || Team Black Fear - http://xurl.es/gppxu

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