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#Zandronum 90 users Connect more info...
[+JPSTcfnt 10 5:8] Zandronum 1.2 out!
Master server:
Steam Group:
Visit #zan-events for general event chat
Working with IRC:
¿Hablas Español? Entra en #espanol
Testing for 2.0 release: #zatesting
#bestever 41 users [+Jfnt 5 5:8] Connect more info...
This is the official Best Ever server discussion/hosting channel
Beta Website:
<youngtim> You get a pleasure out of banning people ur sick
#grandvoid 24 users Connect more info...
[+Jcfn 10 *10:10] Welcome to Grandvoid! The BEST channel on Zandronum.
Complaints? Highlight an Operator.
kpatch(tm) 43:
Current subject #1: American server? Where?
#samsara 23 users [+AHt 15:2h] Connect more info...
In which someone makes a class-based mod by copy/pasting the ZDoom Wiki into a single .pk3 and people seem to like it. - 0.3 is released! Or 0.30. WHATEVER, MANNNN
<The_Riet> Wubs may be bass, but bass doesn't have to be wubs
#el 23 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
Fuhrer: WARIO
SS: Mongineer
Active Nazis: IceDrakoon, Kiwi, Knopje, Mongineer, Wirtualtree, WARIO
Inactive Nazis: Vannn, Frits
Fiesta™ #58 - ???? at 8 PM GMT+2 April 26th
TS: (down in a few years)
alternate TS:
#zamapping 19 users [+Hnt 20:1h] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Zandronum Editing Help Channel.
GZDoom Builder:
Zandronum Wiki:
ZDoom Wiki:
Doom Wiki:
Paste code here:
Hint: All your help comes from people reading the wikis.
Wait time: Hours.
#zastaff 16 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to Zandronum's staff discussion channel. Hostile behavior will not be tolerated, from neither staff nor user.
This is not #staff. Go to #staff if you really need help and support, this is just the open moderator channel. Moderator chat and banter lives here.
#armada 16 users [+HTnt 10:1h] Connect more info...
Welcome to #41524D414441. The home of Hellspawn Armada and The Sentinel's Playground
TeamSpeak 3 Server:
QDB!: - Submissions Open!
IRC Stats:
DevilHunter is without net atm
Looking for Active Admins...
#Armada now has it's own file format(seriously)
#zatesting 16 users [+Hnt 15:4h] Connect more info...
Welcome to Zandronum's testing channel.
Mercurial repository:
Bug tracker:
Bleeding-edge builds:
#priv 15 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
#vgl 15 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
[VGL] — Video Game Legends
Forum thread:
Members: AlienOverlord, BaronOflulz, Chillsing, CriticalDude, crusher, Dastan, destroyer, Estar, Kolovrat, Liam, Noppy, one_Two, Vatx, Vimana, uggi, XuSeS
Inactive: BladeX, Langrenus, Proteh, Rexelend, Slaerd, Togna
<Estar> pigs fly a lot in corectf
#MLK 15 users [+Hnt 20:1y] Connect more info...
Welcome to the channel of the Moonlight Killers! Please, enjoy your stay!
Best music video 2014:
#coop 13 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #coop, the channel dedicated to all your Coop/Survival needs! Here you can arrange games, ask about some wads or maybe even try to get servers hosted. Enjoy! Long live coop!
Channel for SNS: #zan-events (however this is the home of the SNS-bot)
#euro 13 users [+nt] Connect more info...
To get private GV/FC+ CTF password, speak to Dragon/Konar6 or go to respectively and for IDDQD-EA consult Dragon
New priv players: read this before even asking for priv password ->
#pro 13 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to paradise.
The Professionals -
Active Team: Armour - Bigbomb - Bojan - Cyber - Infamous - Metal - Ruin - TheToxicAvenger - Torvald
Inactive Team: Hydra - Hioshen - Moti - Nameless - NzY - Odymex - Totengott
#fnf 13 users Connect more info...
[+Lcnt #zan-events] Welcome to the home of Friday Night Fragfest!
Servers: Euro- ; US-
Want to join FNF staff?:
Give us feedback:
#zan-events for general event chat
#omega 11 users Connect more info...
[+Hft 15:24h 5:4]
#Slaughter 11 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
'Slaughter's Official IRC Channel -=:)
Leader: Dragon
Co-leader: Nightmare
Active: Dragon + HellVenge + im1hpu0 + Intoxicate + Konar6 + Korax + Nightmare + OJAfterLife + Zeberpal
Inactive: BlackDaniel + Ice_Phoenix + Tobi
Recruitment: Closed - Invite only!
#lf 11 users [+Kcnt] Connect more info...
♥Lost Faction♥, Dooming since 2006
remember to elevator, kids
[%capodecima] you are dumb and this clan could be easy banned on zandronum
[%capodecima] for support drugs and shit
<Monster_Rob>i wonder why reck the dumbass beaner hates by-zero when he didn't do anything
<Monster_Rob>i swear i will make reck eat his beaner shit from his small asshole
#tm 11 users [+nt] Connect more info...
18:38:58 <Iced> dude her eyes look fucked
#te 10 users [+nt] Connect more info...
"[TE] - The Elite
Leader: HTG
Co-Leader-: Emmure
Current members list: Emmure, Galactus, IdeIdoom (RenegadeX Addict), Leonard, Spider, Springy, Swordgrunt,
Inactive: Kokiri, wideass
Recruitment: 4 spaces left
Leonard is gay"
#renegades 10 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the official Renegades clan channel!
Beast, Collision, Fluffles, GhoulSlayer, Gaxter, Hatred, Infer, Jenova, Prime, RosKing, Saber, Shadowforce, Shakal, Shane, Stallion, Tai, Watakid, Whopper, X-Ray
03:23:15 <Doom_Man> take care and Glob bless you Shane
#chaoscore 10 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
A testing server is hosted on Best Ever free for testers/clans to play on their own time.
Map names are Core01-Core40
Maplist and recommendations;
Welcome Estar, he will be making music for Chaoscore
#doomjump 9 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #DoomJump
Here you can talk about Jumpmaze, RocketJump, and mapping/editing
SNS Survived Jumpmaze! Well.. most maps >_>
#AV 9 users Connect more info...
[+AHJnt 20:21600 2] Welcome to the All-powerful Voices' Lobby!
Leader: Zakken
Co-Leaders: Roman6a, Shift, Yorick
Members: Exdeath, Kirboy, Mudkipper, RO_Kitty, Sharp
Roman's life:
Recruitment is now open!
#tsp 9 users [+AHt 15:2h] Connect more info...
Official channel for The Space Pirate!
Also the official unofficial official channel for
Metroid: Dreadnought! Kind of!
And now apparently the unofficial official unofficial channel for
ZDoom Thread:
Zandro Thread (TSP Neo):
Current Version:
v0.1.2/v0.1.1 coming soon™™™™™™™™™™!
#zan-events 9 users [+Hnt 20:1d] Connect more info...
Welcome to the channel for Zandronum Events. We serve food daily and discuss everything about events.
today's special is green eggs and ham!
What do we do with #coop, discuss
Mass highlighting? y/n
What about suns? Discuss
suns is the best, discuss
#dakka 9 users [+Hnt 10:1d] Connect more info...
some stupid gun mod + some stupid monsters for stupid gun mod
latest dakka:
for 0.06 - score system, SUPER GUNS, stealing every idea from painkiller
<ijon> 23:15 <+Vinse> i hope you didn't want less killing
burn ijon for doing heresy: NERFING
#a3 8 users [+nt] Connect more info...
ANNOUNCEMENT: Vector returns.
Active: Strangle,Ru5tK1ng, Mobius, Vector, Ral, Goliath, Nest
Inactive: Aabra, Ace, IvanDobrovski, HeavenWraith, MoonStalkeR, PUN1SH3R, X2F01, SlyFox, Darkener
Teamspeak IP:
To enter Privpriv you must submit an application:
#biohazard 8 users [+Qnt] Connect more info...
too broke after us gov rapes with taxes to pay for anything
#EG 8 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Leaders: Ichi & Marine*
Co-Leader: Dr3K
Members: Boko - Denzoa - Dopehead - Dranzer - Goblin - MP2E - Jwarrier
* = inactive
TS3 server: (ask Ichi for the pass)
#winter 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Winter - official [W] clan channel on Zandronum IRC!
Founders: Cryoniq, Mazter, Snowflake
Leader: Mazter
Members: Absolute Zero, Cryoniq, Da'Sender, Fire Man X, Fused, Mazter, Snowflake, Stiff, Vaporeon, xrgman
Don't ask us if you can join. This is an invite-only clan.
Forum topic:
Yes, we do play scrims. |
#staff 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #staff. Use this channel to discuss any technical issues (forum, IRC help, bans) or for reporting hackers and abuse.
In order to ensure the privacy of other users, you may not idle in this channel.
Please state your issue clearly and descriptively. Logs and screenshots may be requested as proof.
Don't ask to ask, just ask
#Grandvoid for Grandvoid server issues.
Please use Pastebin for logs
#brony 7 users [+Hnt 20:1h] Connect more info...
No rule 34 God Dammit.
Still needs more dreamscape. And Gilda->RD->FS->Gilda.
Jupi Says HI :3
All hail The New Lunar Republic!
So I heard you liek ROCKS
Luna will share the most secret fantasies of your dreams with children.
#jormungand 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Serving the world, selling the goods
Leader: Hekmatyar
Members: Alex, Chronos, FateLord, Frenzy, Lightning, Mordekaiser, Otacon, Ren
Let the newcomers come to Jormungand! We welcome 'em with open arms and guide them into this community!
#SundayShenanigans 6 users [+nt] Connect more info...
ids happenin
#linux 6 users [+AJfnt 30 6:10] Connect more info...
Linux, BSD, Unix
"We've not tried anything and we're out of ideas"
#borderlands 6 users [+AHnt 10:1d] Connect more info...
talk about looting simulator here
spam about everything else in #samsara
cult of oranges gearbox pls dun sue
#FinalDuel 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Final Duel is a GZdoom mod
No, this is not a Duel game mode mod.
Newest Beta:
Facebook page: (more links in the Facebook page) ||
#terraria 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
for all your terraria needs
server status: up
server: - Stained Grass - crimson in your corruption what now
ijon handles whitelist
#euro-quiz 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #EURO-quiz! - .uno for an uno game, .quiz for a quiz, .help for a list of commands
#mechanixunion 5 users [+Jnt 10] Connect more info...
Mechanix Union
Rage CTF:
To join our test sessions, talk to an op
Join our espernet channel, #mxu
Always looking for more members, talk to an OP.
#cz 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
<Jire>ty blaho ted jsem si luxusne narval dildo do prdele
<cap>me nak rozmrdali, ale na to si po case zvyknes :)
<Jire>jn ale v rakoustine
<K6>zase lidska demence
<cap> no nic tak server laguje jako prase
<cap> tak to bysme meli
<K6>jezis, z tohle se mi uplne dere krev do oci
<cap>bez do hajzlu ty zasranej curaku
No racism here, racism is crime, and crime is a gipsy peole's thing
#wadhost 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to Wadhost, the place to get wads searchable thru GetWad!
Head Admin: achtung, Boko
Co Head Admin: Dot
Upload form:
Downloads section:
WadTemp for all those fast pace updated mods:
Wadhost's forum:
Its over 22000!(hits)
#invuled-ew 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Invasion Unleashed - Evil Within Dev channel - - Hexadoken Wanted
#gatekeepers 5 users [+Ht 20:24h] Connect more info...
maybe do written reviews for now; synert and I could actually host those, too!
7/10 this game turned me into a sex god
7/10 the people who made this should be spaded to death
EXPLOSIONS || this is now borderlands ripoff channel
"who knows maybe we might do a review one day"
#dogdoom 5 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
#afts 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
all fear the sentinel AFTSDOM REVIVED
AFTS GROUP PHOTO - IP of the AFTSDOM test server
AFTSDOM will probably get a mordeth award since MARCAEK WON'T START HIS FUCKING MAP
RIP Oderus Urungus
#snsteam 4 users [+Hnt 20:1d] Connect more info...
Welcome to the home of the Saturday Night Survival organization team!
Current status: preparing for the next saturday
Post SNS earlier!
#Light-Maze 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
-=- LIGHT-MAZE : Coop & Jumpmaze merged -=-
Welcome to the Official Light-Maze IRC channel!
Report bugs, discuss or request feature suggestions for Light-Maze here!
V3.1 is released! Including updates on the Usermade Mappack!

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