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#Zandronum 90 users Connect more info...
[+JPSTcfnt 10 5:8] Zandronum 1.3 out!
Master server:
Steam Group:
Visit #zan-events for general event chat
Working with IRC:
¿Hablas Español? Entra en #espanol
Testing for 2.0 release: #zatesting
Looking to host servers? Please go to #bestever
#bestever 50 users [+Jfnt 5 5:8] Connect more info...
SET This is the official Best Ever server discussion/hosting channel
New website hype!!!!11
New servers are now 1.3 servers. Switch over!
#zatesting 28 users [+Hnt 20:24h] Connect more info...
Welcome to Zandronum's testing channel.
Mercurial repository:
Bug tracker:
2.0 testing revision: r141117-2018 - - Latest 2.0 release.
#Anakeion 27 users [+AHt 15:2h] Connect more info...
A general ZDoom/Zandronum projects channel, Terminus and company work on whatever and post about progress here.
Current projects: DemonSteele / Push
#Anakeion runs on dunkin'.
#grandvoid 26 users Connect more info...
[+JKcfnt 10 *10:10] Welcome to the Grandvoid IRC Channel!
Complaints? HIghlight an Operator.
kpatch™46, compatible w/ 1.3:
admins: rcons updated, contact ops
#armada 20 users Connect more info...
[+HJTnt 10:1h 10] Welcome to #australia, I mean #armada, the home of the Australians, Hellspawn Armada and The Sentinel's Playground
Minecraft Server:
TeamSpeak 3 Server:
QDB!: -
Submit IRC Quotes Here!
IRC Stats:
NOTICE: When providing feedback or complaints, please clearly
#el 18 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
Fuhrer: WARIO
SS: Mongineer
Active Nazis: Kiwi, Knopje, Mongineer, WARIO, WirtualMAC
Inactive Nazis: IceDrakoon (Sunday - Saturday), Vannn, Frits
Fiesta™ #89 - ???? at 8 PM GMT+1 22nd November I'M CREDIT TO TEAM!
#zamapping 18 users Connect more info...
[+HJfnt 20:1h 1 10:2] Welcome to the Zandronum Editing Help Channel.
GZDoom Builder:
Zandronum Wiki:
ZDoom Wiki:
Doom Wiki:
Paste code here:
Hint: All your help comes from people reading the wikis.
Wait time: Hours.
#Slaughter 16 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
ツ Slaughter's Official IRC Channel ツ
Leader: Dragon
Active: BlackDaniel + DemonSphere + Dragon + Galactus + im1hpu0 + Konar6 + Liam + Nightmare + Otacon + Tobi + Togna + Wolf + Zeberpal
Inactive: Intoxicate + Korax + Uggi
Recruitment: Invite only!
#te 16 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
[TE] — the TE
Leader: Spider
Active members: AlienOverlord, Dastan, FateLord, Joseph Hicks, Shift, Slaerd, Spider
Recruitment: Open
New Banner ?? by Tonis >
Very New Banner by me >
Ok, cennou should be removed from the banner
#lf 15 users [+nt] Connect more info...
♥Lost Faction♥, Dooming since 2006
<Water> how did we lose to ____ clan?
Welcome Nevan to LF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
00:09 <JohnZombie> i can almost picture the scene, his child crying with the diaper full of crap, and alicia "shut the fuck up, swift is training me"
#EG 14 users [+nt] Connect more info...
=== ENDGAME===
Leaders: Ichi & Jwarrier
Co-Leader: Dr3K
Members: Artega* - Boko - Denzoa - Goblin - KillStrike - Stan* - Starnel* - Spirit* - Marine*
* = inactive channel EndGame - TS - Sign up for this tournament!
#zastaff 13 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to Zandronum's staff discussion channel. Hostile behavior will not be tolerated, from neither staff nor user.
This is not #staff. Go to #staff if you really need help and support, this is just the open moderator channel. Moderator chat and banter lives here.
#MLK 13 users [+Hnt 20:1y] Connect more info...
Welcome to the channel of the Moonlight Killers! Please, enjoy your stay!
Best music video 2014:
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Qent you'd better still be alive
Lord_Damager more like stfu
#AV 12 users Connect more info...
[+AHJdmnt 20:10800 3 0] Welcome to the All-powerful Voices' lobby!
Leader: Zakken
Co-Leaders: Roman, Yorick
Members: Dave, Exdeath, Huxley, IdeIdoom, Kirboy, Perrondon, RO_Kitty
Recruitment is open!
<Yorick> league kills brain cells
<Roman6a> how do i turn capo on?
<Dragon> Gal is 15 years old and wanna win to every prize.
#a3 11 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Active: Strangle, Ru5tK1ng, Mobius, Keo, ArgentAgent, SlyFox Dranzer
Inactive: Aabra, Ace, IvanDobrovski, HeavenWraith, MoonStalkeR, Nest, PUN1SH3R, Ral, Vector, X2F01, Darkener, Goliath
Teamspeak IP: or
To enter Privpriv submit an application:
Slyfox is the rap god of teamspeak
#coop 10 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
in due time, this channel will have a purpose again (or it may not)
plans to host again sometime in the future, but want to take some time to do a couple things first
#pro 10 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to paradise.
The Professionals -
Active Team: Vegeta, Jython, Capo, Jupi, doom_man, AVC, Scorpion, ice_dragon, Fernando
Not allowed in pro: Shane, Swordgrunt, you
Cyber hates you all
#doomjump 10 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #DoomJump
SNS Survived Jumpmaze! Well.. most maps >_>
JM IS SAVED! For now?
Where is Posi?
#tm 10 users [+nt] Connect more info...
18:38:58 <Iced> dude her eyes look fucked
Sometimes, I just can't omg white girl stuff
eddgay eats poop
are u a duke god??
#renegades 10 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the official Renegades clan channel!
Beast, Collision, Fluffles, GhoulSlayer, Gaxter, Hatred, Infer, Jenova, Prime, RosKing, Saber, Shadowforce, Shakal, Shane, Stallion, Tai, Watakid, Whopper, X-Ray
03:23:15 <Doom_Man> take care and Glob bless you Shane
#zan-events 8 users [+Hnt 20:12h] Connect more info...
Welcome to the channel for all Zandronum events!
Here we just talk about event/community related stuff
odamex nitro: (???)
stuff and more stuff
#staff 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #staff. Use this channel to discuss any technical issues (forum, IRC help, bans) or for reporting hackers & abuse. Don't ask to ask, just ask. State your issue clearly & descriptively. Logs & screenshots may be requested. Use Pastebin for logs. In order to ensure the privacy of other users, you may not idle in this channel. Use the forums if the staff aren't around
#Grandvoid for Grandvoid serv issues
#euro 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
To get private GV/FC+ CTF password, speak to Dragon/Konar6 or go to respectively and for IDDQD-EA consult Dragon
New priv players: read this before even asking for priv password ->
#fnf 7 users Connect more info...
[+Lcnt #zan-events] Welcome to the home of Friday Night Fragfest!
Servers: Euro- ; US-
Want to join FNF staff?:
Give us feedback:
#zan-events for general event chat
FNF 245:
#biohazard 7 users [+Qnt] Connect more info...
<DevilHunter> ASDL coming in... 2020
#bottest 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
#invuled-ew 7 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Offical MLG doom channel... uh I mean Invasion Unleashed: Evil Within
#tsp 7 users [+AHt 15:2h] Connect more info...
Official channel for The Space Pirate/Blue Vertigo!
Indigo Skyline Archives:
ZDoom Thread: - Zandronum Thread (TSP Neo): - ModDB Page:
Current version:
v0.1.2e ([G]ZDoom) / v0.1.2a (Neo for Zandronum 1.2)
"What's a Teaspoon? v0.2 in January!"
#jmtest 6 users [+cmnt] Connect more info...
Channel will be used again when mod testing for the next release begins. For now HI |
#zadev 6 users [+knt <key>] Connect more info...
#cz 6 users [+nt] Connect more info...
<AlienOverlord>Who's Spirit_Crusader anyway
<cap>bez do hajzlu ty zasranej curaku
<Jire>ty blaho ted jsem si luxusne narval dildo do prdele
<K6>jezis, z tohle se mi uplne dere krev do oci
<Jire>jn ale v rakoustine
<cap>no nic tak server laguje jako prase
<cap>Konar6 ja mam porad ban? :D
<cap>jezis konar ty si blbej, to ani neni mozny
#ViciousC 6 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Apparently stuff happens.
TS: (Password-protected)
<Shadowlink223>So how does it feel to be a rapist?
#chaoscore 6 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Everyone read this;
CoreCTF to do list;
Core00 development thread;
#omega 5 users Connect more info...
[+Hft 15:24h 5:4] - vote god damn it
#Light-Maze 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
-=- LIGHT-MAZE : Coop & Jumpmaze merged -=-
Welcome to the Official Light-Maze IRC channel!
Report bugs, discuss or request feature suggestions for Light-Maze here!
V3.1 is released! Including updates on the Usermade Mappack!
#euro-quiz 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #EURO-quiz! - .uno for an uno game, .quiz for a quiz, .help for a list of commands
#priv 5 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
#music 5 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
The hills are alive... with the sound of #Music ||
Enjoy your stay! ||
Composers are -Typically- Ops or Hops in this channel.
If you are a musician and like to get known, come here and spread your word/sound!
This channel isn't just for composers, it is also for music lovers!
#brony 5 users [+Hnt 20:1h] Connect more info...
NO R34!
Pic of the week:
Bucking Freaks, MLP is for little girls
All hail The New Lunar Republic!
Jupi is Qent's sex slave.
<- Jupi ( has left #staff ["FUCK THIS CHANNEL"]
Rebel ^
#BaseQ 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the BaseQ IRC Channel - Server makers.
(BOT COMMANDS: !dhelp on [CTF]CompetBOT !
We changed our PCTF login request. You need to register yourself using Competbot.)
#funcrusher 5 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Now with Teamspeak: ts3server://
Idiot King: AlexMax, Admins: Jenova, Ru5tk1ng, SwiftShot, WaTaKiD
#relive 5 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
We're the international gurl association. Let's start the group orgy.
maplist -
possible texture packs -
wrote that outline - complete with an index -
relive resource with new music -
#IEFL 5 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
:::Invitational European Flag League:::
IEFL Thread:
Draft results:
Point system:
Questions? Ask Dragon / Water
#zatc 4 users [+cnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #zatc - Zandronum Tournaments Channel
GW Tourney:
#FinalDuel 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
This is the secondary channel. Go to irc:// for the main channel
Final Duel is a Dis(a GZDoom fork) mod
No, this is not a Duel game mode mod.
ZDoom thread (more links in the thread)
#winter 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Winter — official [W] clan channel!
Founders: Cryoniq, Mazter, Snowflake
Leader: Mazter
Members: Absolute Zero, CarpeDiem, Cryoniq, Fire Man X, Fused, Kokiri, Kolovrat, Langrenus, Mazter, ovEr, Vaporeon, xrgman
Inactive: Snowflake, Stiff
Don't ask us if you can join. This is an invite-only clan.
Forum topic:
Invite us to scrim!
#afts 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
all fear the sentinel AFTSDOM REVIVED
RIP birthday punisher
Hey remember when we did things in here
#iddqd 4 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Use UTF-8 codepage for Cyrillic
Clan page:
Join rules:
European Amazeness: #iddqd-EA
WadHost: soon
Wanna join us? Contact StasBFG[iddqd] (you must speak Russian very well)
On this channel we are accepting clanwars and other events
R.I.P. KoLoBoK[iddqd]
#IFOC 4 users [+mnt] Connect more info...
If there is a problem in one of the servers, send [IFOC]75 a memo or use the e-mail address listed on the server.
Spamming is not recommended, and could result in loss of +V.
** Current version of Chex Pack: P16-3.2!**
Servers are running 1.3 as of 10/13/14: No account required to play.

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