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[+CJSTijnrt 30 5:20]
No invites, discrimination, sexism, politics, religion, or spamming! #politics
#OneBot for OneBot suggestions
If you see inappropriate conduct, message a halfop (%) or above
No GRAPHIC NSFW content at all. No NSFW content without a warning in this or other channels! 302 users [+Jfnrt 10 3:1] Connect more info...
Drone: UP
Do NOT PM without asking.
If you want help, we prefer that you use your site nick.
Don't ask to ask; just ask.
If you want to set up autosnatch, this is not the place to ask
For disabled accounts and privileges:
For editing help:
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Servers were rebooted, if any services are still down, say !restart
Feral Hosting
Service status page: #feral-stats
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Offtopic allowed
Tag NSFW links
#code 144 users [+fnrt 5:4] Connect more info...
this is #code
All languages welcome! (except sublime)
Please create a gist when sharing more than one line of code!
Don't be a jerk.
Don't be afraid to speak up, we're here to help
remain calm cool and collection<t>
Because we all like to complain about money
Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And DutchDude's Monkey
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Code: CI:
Ping the core team (+o) with !core if you're looking for work, have questions, comments, or concerns
Ocelot 1.0:
Legacy PHP Gazelle:
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#music-pre 92 users [+nt] Connect more info... 92 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Welcome to! Feel free to ask any questions about editing here.
.add to add a new edit request
.status shows a list of edits that need doing
.view ## shows any edit you specify by number
.append ## to append to an edit.
.del ## to delete a completed or invalid edit request. (Elite+)
.commands for a list of commands
If commands aren't working, please con
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[+CFJSTfjlnrt 5:3 15 8:4 6:4 140] this is #goat
Act like decent human beings, please.
ROTW: XTC - Oranges & Lemons [2015 Remasters] (ant)
send your ROTW picks to diamant
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We have uploaded 99.9% of the total torrents on What, including appointed class users who qualify as TM - good job guys!!!!!
Somewhat louder than #pu+
jowa is wicked awesome
Channel stats at
handrew sux
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Latest Stable: 1.74 - Regex.Conf: v97
Get pyWA:
Warning For Noobs:
Filter generator:
Cookie errors:
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Hot & New: Eric Prydz - Opus
Previous Featured Albums Collage:
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RIP elevators quote bot.
alderaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan is the coolest ever! PM boobies to carl
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<Peio> mon cul il est a peine rose
<PixelArt> je suis con
<oinky> cool on va jouir dans la bouche des jeunes <oinkylaptop> une bonne branlette c'est au moins 10 minutes
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BOOBS BOOBS BOOBS! Type !get boobs to see boobs. If you want to "protect" an image from lame servers, copy it over to and !add a link to that here! ;-) 52 users Connect more info...
[+CJSTjmnrt 30 5:20] Ex-member and disabled privileges inquiry room. Type !d followed by your What.CD username (separated by a space), and wait for help. Be patient, and don't PM anyone while you wait! Be honest: We already know the truth, and lying will only make things worse.
There is no queue, and some users may need to wait for a specific moderator
This is not a social channel. You may ask staff questions, but do not chat amongst yourse 44 users Connect more info...
You must join the queue; idling is not allowed.
We can't give an estimated wait time.
No proxies, etc. Use your HOME connection. Don't PM anyone. Don't chat during your interview.
For questions join
Please don't chat about the interview
No generic nicks.
There are no commands to use other than the one on the prep site
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you ain't never drank a cold beer in your life
Inebriari semel tantum vivere.
[23:39:13] <himura> i put a tampon with vodka in someone once
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Powered by electricity. Music, Video Game, Hardware, Pot, Life discussion room. Hip-hop, Downtempo, Trip-Hop, Independent artists a plus! For LastFM CMD's: !list lastfm
Check out: #420 #code #trivia
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Identify with Drone to get in
Trigger warning: Contains feminism
Friendly reminder: The "no invites" rule applies here too
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Butt is a sometimes hole Suggested suggestive music:
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R.I.P. Dave Mirra
#hiphop 39 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
%%%%%%%%%%%% The Hip Hop Channel: Don't fuck with us.
#hiphopedia:| #hiphop group:
Rest In Peace KillaB-zilla aka milk(10/16/1991 - 7/5/2014). You will forever be in our hearts.
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visit #irpg-stats for info
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:: [ The DnB Appreciation Club ] :: [ Featured Release: ] :: [ DnB Club Features Collage! ??? ] :: [ Featured Radio: BassDrive DeepBassNine ] :: [ Affiliates: #dubstep ] ::
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Congratulations to last round's winner fablejs!
Next round: starting February 13th 20:00 UTC+1h
Bounty: 213G and rising
Want to add to the bounty for the new round? pm TheHound!
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Channel god:
Channel mascot:
Channel theme:
sluttiest car in #vroom:
damn dblaze built a badass bike
We still hate Mustangs.
<TwinTurnBro> because fuck audi
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Welcome to #trivia! Try !resume first, type !trivia 4900 if that doesn't work. Type !pause if you are leaving, DONT LEAVE THE TRIVIA ON!
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Political discussion 33 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Have you read:
Please ask your question, and someone will be along to answer it as soon as possible.
If you are from a country that is banned from, there is nothing we can do to help.
You may not idle in this channel; please leave after your question has been answered. 33 users [+inrt] Connect more info...
General Gazelle help in #gazelle
git clone
#gazelle for new gazelle
New VM image March 2013:
Please suggest fixes for bugs you report
Install Guide
Coding Standards
API documentation
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Use !status to check server status. !disk for disk usage.
#feral-chat 31 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
This is a social channel -- and not officially affiliated with #feral
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Read: (external)
handrew is the boss.
Channel stats at
Type !away to opt out of !ping
Code: (submit patches, issues)
#audiophile 29 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Discussion of quality products, recordings, and more.
#dubstep 27 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
What.CD Dubstep Central | All Dubstep accepted. | Happy Holloweenie | Rules: Just be chill. |
#classical 26 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
♪ Welcome to the What.CD Classical Music Community IRC Channel!
official forum thread:
Question of the month: What is your secret musical fetish?
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[ agdq edition ] [ AGDQ has begun! See their site for full schedule
Citra3DS Emulator can now run Pokémon X/Y
FF15 director confirms 2016 release ]
#TheStudio 25 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #TheStudio
Talk about everything related to music production and show us your latest releases!
make some music today
io will kick punsters
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Kanaal voor Nederlandssprekende What.CD leden
Hakuna Matata! (<- TROS waarschuwing)
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#depression 21 users [+nrt] Connect more info...
#depression: a place for What.CD members to talk it out. - A place to go when you just need to vent to a random stranger.
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Left my nigga's house paid. Picked up a girl been tryna fuck since the 12th grade. It's ironic, I had the brew she had the chronic. The Lakers beat the Supersonics. I felt on the big fat fanny. Pulled out the jammy and killed the punani. And my dick runs deep, so deep. So deep put her ass to sleep.
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mathematics in honor of interesting math by computer
#guns 18 users [+nrt] Connect more info... "Gun Control: The theory that a woman found dead in an alley, raped and strangled with her panty hose, is somehow morally superior to a woman explaining to police how her attacker got that fatal bullet wound." — L. Neil Smith e.g.: -=*=- for your ammo needs.
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POP music discussion
POPping: Chairlift - Moth - (sxo) AND Rihanna - Anti - (thelimbsofkings)
!account <username>, !np for iko
Suggestions for Currently
POPping may be submitted via PM to visually or diamant

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