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[+CFPTdfnrtx 5:60 3 5:3 10:4] (PLS) Snoonet Bouncers
BNC Server: (port 5457 for SSL) - Login with cmd /pass username:password
Account Management Web Panel:
Your nickname must be registered for at least 30 days to get a BNC
Push notifications now available:
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[+CHKTlnrtx 60:100 9001 10:4] Welcome to the abyss. The users here are scattered! Type /list to find a channel you like.|・゜゜・。 ​ 。・゜゜\​_ó< QUAC​K!
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[+CHSTdfnrtx 20:600 0 4:2 10:4] ⓘ Welcome to /r/casualconversation’s official channel! Say hi, let us know if it’s your first time. Voice chat: Read the rules & commands: Keep it chill, no NSFW. Write in longer sentences, or the chat moves too fast. ⚠ Emergency? Ping mods with @mods.
Any spoilers = mute
WobblyBee is cool
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[+FHTdjnrtx 5:60 10:30 3 5:60 10:4] Official channel of /r/Games - Join us on the r/games discord:
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[+CFJPSTdfnrtx 5:10 2 3 *8:3 *8:3] Network help: #help
General social channel: #reddit
Feel free to give feedback or pitch ideas about ways to improve the network!
Beware! A wild aFreshMelon has been spotted in this area.
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[+CFJPSTfnrtx 2:20 2 *6:3 10:4] Channel and network ban appeals do not belong here!
Network Help Channel Only
General chat: #reddit
Network chat: #snoonet
General tech support: #techsupport
Please do not chit-chat here, this channel pings several opers.
You may also submit a support request by going to
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[+ACFHJPTUfjnrtx 7:5 50:300 30 4:2 5:3 7:5 10:5] Welcome to Make New Friends Here: the official channel of /r/makenewfriendshere and /r/needafriend!
Please read the RULES:
User Gallery and Map: Use “,gallery” and ",map” for more information
Use ,callops for assistance
#mnfh_nsfw for NSFW topics and conversations. 18+ only
Use ,ho for a link to our Discord Voice Chat and Hangout
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[+CFHJSUnrtx 2:10 10:30 10 4:3 10:4] Welcome to #techsupport! | Do not ask for help or specific skills, just state your issue. | For verbose descriptions, use a pastebin or a link to your /r/techsupport thread. | Generic nicks must be changed by typing /nick <nickname>. | Please be patient and don't spam.
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[+BCFHJSfnrtx 5:3 50:300 5 5:3 10:4] Welcome to r/Anxiety's chatroom
All advice and diagnoses should be considered anecdotal.
If you need op assistance or are uncomfortable with the current topic, say ‘?ops’ to ping the ops. Ops will op to indicate that they are currently online and available
This is a group effort. We all know what it's like to have that horrible panicky feeling. Let's support and care for our fe
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[+CHPTfnrtx 20:300 5:3 10:4] Official IRC channel of /r/SubredditDrama
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[+HJPUdnrtx 10:3000 60 5:5 0 10:4]
#netbsdmasterrace is that way --->
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[+BCDFJdnrtx 2:90 3 5 10:4] STREAM talk: /join #F1Streams
Session Times:
F1 Live Timing:
Soviet GP
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[+CFJSTdnrtx 5:60 2 0 10:4] Welcome to #europe!
Channel stats:
New Style Update: General Feedback Post:
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[+BCFHJMPTfjnrtx 5:60 30:300 66 6:3 5:30 10:4] Welcome to #SandersForPresident, official IRC channel of /r/SandersForPresident
PG-13 - Rules and IRC information: ?rules
Type @mods to call for help!
Questions and Concerns about subreddit moderation should be directed to modmail.
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[+CFJPSTdfjnrtx 5:60 15 10 12:4 5:5 10:4] Welcome to #sex, the place for sex and relationship advice.
This channel is 18+ only.
Mibbit users, register your name to talk - /MSG NICKSERV HELP
#sex Rules:
All links may be NSFW, but you must mark those links NSFW
NO unsolicited PMs. This means you.
/umode +R will protect you from spam while
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[+BCFGPScfjnrtx 5:60 5:2 5:2 10:4] Welcome to the official channel for r/destinythegame!
New Official DTG Mugs $7.97 w/ coupon code: MARCH20
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[+BCDFHJKMSTfnrtx 10:10 20:300 30 4:4 10:5] Official IRC channel of /r/politics
Follow us on Twitter:
To get the attention of the mods here, type "!mods politics" (without quotes)
Rules: /r/politics comment civility rules apply
Join our Megathread:
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[+CFHJTdnrtx 5:60 30:960 2 3 10:4] Välkommen till sweddit ://
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[+CFHPfjnrtx 5:60 10:7200 4:3 5:1 10:4] Welcome to the channel for /r/seriousconversation. #talk is an offshoot of /r/casualconversation open to topics that aren't casual. Any NSFW must be tagged.
If you’re having a tough time, please check out these support resources:
#talk is not your sex journal - excessive and personal sex talk is not cool and subject to punishment
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[+BCFHSdfnrtx 3:5 20:20 30 10:5 10:4] The official IRC channel of
Follow us:
Remember to change your nick! Use "/nick [username]" to change your nickname
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[+CJSTcdflnrtx 4 3 7:5 1337 10:4] Channel help/rules:
Ride on forever no_numbers_here and nomadiks
#trackers 94 users Connect more info...
[+CFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 *4:2 5:5 10:4] Discussion of private and public trackers
Do not ask for invites
Follow the rules of /r/trackers
Channel Stats -
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[+CDFTfjnrtx 5:60 30:5 5:1 10:4] F1 Stream Channel | LHStream (Online): | Drakula: ||RTMP/VLC offline
Squirrel | AceStreamHD HENNO d6d06d59936b55cf2de03cb0e712a366ec7e4244
HD: 92860e9d44e8f46515d5e9063ca4b6c4848a2d04 |
SKY HD (Direct Ustream ht
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[+BCFPTcfjnrtx 5:60 5:2 5:1 10:4] The official channel for /r/thedivision
Channel Information and Rules:
Weapon & Talent Database:
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[+ACFHSTjnrtx 5:1 60:600 5:30 10:4] 18+ members only
Updated Rules (28/4/2016):
PSA from CosmicKeys:
sleepbutt's moderation PSA:
Don't forget to do your kegels!
[fart noises]
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[+ACHSTfnrtx 30:60 30:5 10:4] <masamainio philosoraptor> what is cheat day if on bulk?
#music 86 users Connect more info...
[+ACFJSTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] Reddit music bot: to register .l lastfm_username :: Now Playing: .l :: Compare Users .lc otheruser
ping mods with ".mods music"
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[+ABCFHJPSTUfnrtx 5:1 100:60 30 2:4 5:3 10:5] Welcome to the /r/PanamaPapers IRC channel
Type ?updates for leak updates.
Rules: Instant kick/ban on spam, trolling, or off-topic.
FAQ/ELI5/Live Thread:
Do not speculate or spread rumors. Verified information only.
/join #PanamaPapersCasual for off topic/non-serious discussion.|| Collection of news links:
Nothing new on the US, tha
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[+CFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 6:2 5:5 10:4] ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Welcome to #atheism. If no one responds right away, stick around for a bit. We do talk!
The rules: #1 (and only) - Don't be a douchetwat.
Fuck the pope, and accelerating frames of reference! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
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[+CFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] Welcome to #programming!
Check out #math for math talk and #cs for computer science talk HONOR THE WORD OF THE PEOPLE
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[+ACFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] Reddit #UK
No racism, trolling, or being a tit
Remember: 88% of the UK live outside London
gay is not a pejorative term
learn CPR
If you think somebody is trolling, please do not engage with them, unless it is funny to do so.
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[+CFHTfjnrtx 5:60 60:600 30:5 5:1 10:4] Get your financial house in order. Learn how to better manage your money and debt in both the short and long term. Find out how to save an emergency fund and invest for your future. JUST ASK if you have a question, but be patient for an answer.
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[+CFJTnrtx 5:60 2 10:4] doedanzee can you guys stop being stupid
<anders|work> I just need a wife to beat :-\
<brandon> my voice is lower than dustin_the_wind's self esteem
View today's metal releases: ;releases
Pizza Counter: 1335
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[+CFHJTnrtx 5:60 10:900 30 10:4] Welcome to #foreveralone
Scratching only makes it worse
Hours of operation: 9am EST - 12:30am EST
Viewer Discretion is Advised
Today's topic is: cow and chicken
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[+CFTjnrtx 5:60 5:5 10:4] rXboxOne IRC Chat
Join our Discord:
Google your problem before asking, be nice and don't troll.
Song of the Day:
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[+JUdfnrtx 120 4:1 3 4:1 10:4] Welcome to loseit! Please have patience when seeking advice as it takes time for people to respond. Derogatory language and bullying are not permitted. Any conversation harmful to oneself or others is highly discouraged and moderated. Ask about our monthly !challenge. Join in and have fun! Keep an open mind and positive attitude!
#memenetics 71 users Connect more info...
[+ACHPTnrtx 30:900 10:5] mulder wants to have his domme rent his butt out to regugees because he is a mean cuck <- /r/titlegore
#linux 70 users [+nrtx 10:4] Connect more info...
Welcome to #linux ...
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[+ACFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] IdleRPG
Come idle and play!
Commands, map, quest, and player info here:
Join ##idlerpg to discuss the game
Congratulations to hintss for winning our first season. Second season starting now!
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[+CFJTdfjnrtx 5:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] Official /r/Steam channel
Join the Snoonet Steam group:
#photography 66 users Connect more info...
[+CFcnrtx 5:60 10:5] /r/photography's official channel
If you have questions, just ask right away!
We try to be active but cant be around all the time. Please give us some time (10-20min at least) to respond!
Keep offtopic talk and circlejerk to a minimum during busy times.
#ProtectAndServe 63 users Connect more info...
[+CFHQTUfnrtx 5:15 30:90 5:1 20:20 10:5] Welcome to #ProtectAndServe. Official Channel of /r/ProtectAndServe
#WritingPrompts 63 users Connect more info...
[+CFHJTdfnrtx 5:60 30:300 2 3 30:10 10:4] The /r/WritingPrompts Chatroom
Promptbot Howto:
Note: We encourage sharing your writing, but expect constructive criticism if you do so
#relaxingroom 63 users Connect more info...
[+CFHTjmnrtx 5:60 60:600 5:1 10:4] We have rules!
If anyone is acting inappropriately, please message an op/hop
#aspergers 60 users Connect more info...
[+ACFHSTfjnrtx 5:60 20:60 *5:1 5:1 10:4] Welcome to the /r/aspergers IRC channel, feel free to idle, start, or join in on the conversation! Channel rules:
Add yourself to our map!
Stressed? Check out:
Please take the channel survey!
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[+CFHTfjnrtx 5:60 30:300 30:5 5:1 10:4] Welcome to the official IRC chat of /r/socialskills
Screw self-hate/self-bashing! You are awesome and don't forget it!
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[+CFHJTdfjnrtx 5:60 10:60 2 3 30:10 5:5 10:4] Welcome to the #depression channel. If nobody is talking, please don't be discouraged! It may take a moment for someone to respond. Rules can be found by typing: ?rules
Absolutely NO (un)solicited PMs or requests for money here - REPORT anything of the sort!
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[+CFPTfnrtx 3:60 5:1 10:4] Welcome to Archele = Pastonk = Archele
<+MarquisDeGanja> tfw you were supposed to go do stuff todayy <+MarquisDeGanja> but IRC was too lit
<zzqw> I'd love to be a tree with you :-)| Rules: Don't be a dick, no moonspeak
#math 58 users Connect more info...
[+CFHJPTfjnrtx 5:60 10:3600 2 30:5 5:1 10:4] /r/math irc channel! Please be patient - Not everyone is on at the same time
Some fun problems: | Latex Bin:
Real-time collaborative whiteboard:
More sites/resources:
#not-math for off-topic chat
Also check out #physics, #chemistry, #science
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[+CFHSTdfnrtx 10000:5 5:600 3 30:10 10:4] #korean에 오신 것을 환영합니다! This is the hangout for those studying Korean. NSFW conversation is allowed, but explicit sexual content/violence, illegal activity, and racism will not be tolerated. Please change the topic if someone asks you to stop. Check out #learnkorean for a more serious atmosphere. For beginners--
Verb Chart
Verb List http://aegyo

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