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[+CFHKfjnt 6:2 20:60 7:4 10:6] ----->Tag [NSF(W/L)] links!<-----
#reddit rules:
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Join #help for help with Snoonet and #reddit-help for help with!
Play minecraft? So do we! #snoonet-minecraft
<Lantech> i'm a cool network engineer. not a nerd.
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Official channel of /r/Games - Almost a Quality IRC Channel.
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[+BFHfjnt 3:5 20:20 5:3 6:10] The official IRC channel of
DON'T make claims without a source!
Follow us:
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[+BDFfjnt 2:5 6:3 100:60] If rules are broken, highlight an op (or repeatedly highlight GissiSim or Pukkelpop).
Follow us on Twitter:
Live thread:
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Welcome to the official advice and discussion channel for
Follow the rules at
In short, ask any questions you have, help others as you can, and don't be a dick!
All links are assumed NSFW.
PM natalie if and only if an op is needed and not active.
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[+FJSfnt 1:5 10 4:3] Welcome to #techsupport!
Do not ask for help or specific skills, just state your issue.
For verbose descriptions, use a pastebin or a link to your /r/techsupport thread.
Generic nicks must be changed by typing /nick <nickname>.
Please be patient and don't spam.
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Watch 2014 Season Here:
One Race Stream @ 06:00 EST (10:00 UTC) -
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[+Fcfjnt 2:5 7:5 6:10] Welcome to the official channel of /r/bicycling. See our guidelines at
Ride on forever, no_numbers_here and nomadiks
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Type "!mods android" to ping the mods
Welcome to #android! Feel free to start a conversation if one isn't already happening.
To talk, type /msg nickserv help register
Join #techsupport for help with a broken phone!
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[+CFPcfjnt 3:60 *6:3 6:10] Network help channel
For tech support visit #techsupport
Registration emails come from
Any subreddit/channel/user issues, ask freely here
Wait patiently for an answer to your question
You may also modmail ( or email for help
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Welcome to #europe!
Channel stats:
Ukrainian forces launched large-scale attack on Kramatorsk and Slavyansk -
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Welcome to #anxiety
Please be patient!
All advice and diagnoses should be considered anecdotal
Check this for a general idea of what's acceptable:
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"I am apparently becoming a woman" - Miranda
<%Aile> geraldo42: The time for when to fuck bitches in they ass
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<@Danielle> next thing I knew... no penis
<Abaddon> satan
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Official IRC of /r/trackers
Discussion of private and public trackers
Trading/Requesting/Offering invites is **NOT** allowed
IMPLYING that you want to participate in Trading/Requesting/Offering invites is **NOT** allowed
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Reddit UK
No racism, trolling, or being a tit
Remember: 88% of the UK live outside London
gay is not a pejorative term
goodger says: come on manchester, get it together
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Shared Moe-Chat for Imageboard Subreddits!
Spoilers and Current Season Discussion in #TwoDeeSpoilers
Hosting programming lessons must be paid for with equivalent amounts of catgirls
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For the network social channel join #reddit, for network help join #help
Snoonet project ideas and innovations lab, welcome. Here we will discuss what we're working on and pitch ideas back and forth
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Welcome to #atheism. If no one responds right away, stick around for a bit. We do talk!
Total lunar eclipse on April 15!
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IRC channel of /r/stopdrinking. Rules & help: Playing is fine, but helping comes first. Speak up if you want help and we will listen. If you get unwanted PM's, tell that person to stop (in the channel) or message the mods. Please only participate in the chat while sober. Note: We are not professionals. We help you help yourself, but you have to be willing to put in the work.
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It's Mingle! The official channel for
18+ only please
Don't be a dick.
Assume all links are NSFW!
Keep it welcoming - No hatred or otherwise disrespectful commentary.
Channel stats:
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안녕하세요, kpop에 오신 것을 환영합니다! Welcome to Reddit K-Pop
Reminder that sojin will never wave at you like this
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안녕하세요! 환영합니다 to #korean! This is the chat for those interested in studying and learning the Korean language, both from a cultural and a linguistic point of view. Please keep all conversation SFW.
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SFWPorn Network
#pornoverlords is an irc channel devoted to discussion about the Safe For Work Porn Network.
<syncretic> I don't create subreddits, I plant them, and nurture them, and watch them bloom.
Congratulations /r/EarthPorn on reaching 2 Million Subscribers!
<soupyhands> jaraxo if i kil u in wildstar pvp you have to allow gifs
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[Vote thread week 16] Admin level thought experiment ( )
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Come idle and play!
Commands, map, quest, and player info here:
Join ##idlerpg to discuss the game
Congratulations to hintss for winning our first season. Second season starting now!
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<nonsense> should've SAID Please head INTO tundra's mouth!!!
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approved submitters may ask for voice
#circlebroke 27 users [+Hnt 30:300] Connect more info...
The IRC of The /r/Circle*broke* subreddits
mfw SolarAquarion posts -
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Reddit music bot: to register .lastfm lastfm_username :: Now Playing: .lastfm
People may not be around to respond immediately, hang around if you want to chat
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Welcome to #linux - anyone got any ideas for a topic?
#foreveralone 24 users [+Hnt 10:900] Connect more info...
The official channel of /r/ForeverAlone
<DifferentialMutation> So much dick ripe for the taking
no snex's allowed
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#PlayStation 24 users [+Snt] Connect more info...
If you don't read this, risk being kicked. Official channel of The Reddit Playstation Network - Please enjoy your stay! No asking for codes. Read the rules: Type /msg NickServ HELP REGISTER to register a nickname
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For Science!; new official home of the subreddits [science, softscience, sciencenetwork, space, physics, chemistry, biology]
Please contact the voiced mods for spam filter or post concerns
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Sweddit - den fjärde statsmakten
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#snoonet-minecraft 21 users [+Ant] Connect more info...
Minecraft server (ip): [ Online ]
Admin applications:
Server runs 1.7.2
"I'm a famous Minecrafter" - RickTheBeard
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Meeting room for the misguided
Voted channel of the year by snoonet staff two years in a row!!|
more dick than you can shake a stick at
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Watch Durham County!
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#tumblrinaction 20 users [+CHTnt 20:300] Connect more info...
The official unofficial r/TumblrInAction channel
This is a feels, not reals zone
new to irc?
Ability toucan:
#BadSubHub 20 users [+nt] Connect more info...
/r/BadSubHub: Because stupidity has no ideology
#futurology 19 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Official IRC channel for /r/Futurology- A subreddit devoted to the field of Future(s) Studies and speculation about the development of humanity, technology, and civilization.
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First Annual Novelette Contest: And The Winners Are...
Type promptbot prompt for a good time
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♩♪ ♫♬ ♭♮♯ The channel's alive with the sound of (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ・゜゜・。。・゜゜BOTS 〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜 ✩ ㋡ ✫ ㋡ ✭ ㋡ ✮ ㋡ ✯ [All bots need a bot cloak per Snoonet rules.] Bot family tree:
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Monday Night Raw Live Chat

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