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#elitewarez 3,019 users [+mntz] Connect more info...
:: ELiTEWAREZ :: Search: ONLINE :: Join #ELITE-CHAT for Search, subscriptions, and chat!
#NEWS 1,692 users [+CMNcnptz] Connect more info...
#NEWS - | UBW hyyyyyype
bring an xdcc bot for +a
not populated yet but it's... something
Star Citizen guild:
#HorribleSubs 1,405 users [+CNcntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to HorribleSubs Fansubs! > Releases & packlists can be found at:
Support the HorribleSubs Empire! Send bitcoins to: 14wR3yKbf166sSWq4Tr4qtLbi7iKXsVgtx Doge Coins to: DSxnRFA21t18saNLofCBnPx6BdAYEpztDJ
if any files on the CR-*|NEW bots are wrong/broken highlight snowfag
#NIBL 1,056 users [+Ncnptz] Connect more info...
[ XDCC Search: <-- New Server, Let Jenga know of any issues ] [UP] [ DDL: Soon ] [ #niblsubs for [NIBL]! ] [ Triggers: !help !search !s !request ] [ Have a bot and want access? Contact Sirus or Jenga! ] [ Follow us on twitter @NIBLCO -- Donations @ Edition ]
#commie-subs 543 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
☭ Commie Subs ☭
Pigtails 04, KimiUso 04, Chaika 2 04, Inou Battle 03, TERRA FORMARS 05, PP 2 03, Yowamushi 2 04, Bahamut 03
Mahoyo progress: 67.99%
fun status: ALLOWED
#nipponsei 524 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
[NIPPONSEI][!xdcclist|!upcoming] Cross Ange ED:!A | Log Horizon 2 ED:!B | Mahouka Koukou no Rettousei OST2:!C | Ore, Twintails ni Narimasu OP+ED:!D | Sabagebu OST:!E | Sora no Method OP:!F | Ushinawareta Mirai wo Motomete OP+ED:!G | Zankyou no Terror OST2:!H
#doki 509 users [+CNntzl] Connect more info...
~ Doki Fansubs ~ | Defending Loli @ Edition | | DB: | Music: | XDCC: | FB: | Steam: | Triggers: .anitv @/!find !xdcc/list !tt !xdcchelp !trigger
#rizonirpg 504 users [+CNcntzl] Connect more info...
#UTW 478 users [+MNnptz] Connect more info...
Unlimited Translation Works!
Triggers: !tt utw !list
XDCC Parser:
IM@S MOVIE 1080p, 720p
Shinsekai Yori BD 1080p, 720p
White Album 2 BD 1080p, 720p
Seitokai Yakuindomo Bleep 11 HD, SD
#FFFpeeps 465 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
[FFF] - - Happy Birthday, Eli! Edition || DDL: || New: Mahouka - 12 | Sword Art Online II - 14 | Jinsei - 10 | Magic Kaito 1412 - 04 | Akatsuki no Yona - 03 | Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru - 02
#8chan 378 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
∞chan official channel ♿ - The imageboard with infinite potential ♿ Need help from hotwheels directly? Email ♿ Other #8chan rooms may exist (e.g. for certain boards), but this is the only official one.
#r/a/dio 339 users [+CNnptzl] Connect more info...
r/<Schmitticus> WE WILL GET STONED WHILE STONED/dio | Stream: UP DJ: ed | Mumble: Port: 7360 | Remember you're here forever | | P/a/thfinder and WH40k - 2pm EDT on Sat. - Contact Skye
#gg 312 users [+Ncntz] Connect more info...
Grats to the Season 4 World Champions, Samsung White
I'm a girl on the internet and I get harassed so you should give me money: (siao might be able to eat something besides military rati--uh, hospital fo--uh, military hospital rations too if you donate)
#chat 288 users [+CMNnptzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #chat your home for the clurgals and guacs. We found a photo of Tomacos the Slav Happy Halloween!
#intel 288 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
#intel - [Site: or ] :: Want your bot added to the master list? PM seidweise or Swaps4 with your bot's packlist url/for access.
Website updated! | Twitter: XDCC Guide:
#vivid 256 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
Vivid Subs
Latest releases: Amagi 05, Akame 17, Mushishi 14, Hanayamata 12, Aldnoah 12, Inari OVA, Amazing Twins 02
Triggers: !new, @find
#myanimelist 255 users [+Ccnptz] Connect more info...
Msg users with key/& symbols for acct activations and Luna for password resets (first check your spam). Channel Rules:
Happy MALoween!
#/g/technology 251 users [+Cntz] Connect more info...
/!\ Everything from ASIC to ZFS /!\ It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this: .help /!\ Ch. Site: /!\ NEW Teknikast™ /!\ WATCH THIS DOCU /!\
#underwater 250 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Latest releases: Parasyte 04, THE IDOLM@STER MOVIE (BD), Barakamon 03-05
For XDCC, use !list or @find
Killing anime one release at a time(tm)
#ECLIPSE 247 users [+CMntz] Connect more info...
Eclipse Productions || Turning over on the other side in hibernation... || Last Releases: Hayate no Gotoku Movie, Shakugan no Shana Final 24 || Triggers: !help, !faq, !rules || XDCC list on
#evetaku 245 users [+Mmnptz] Connect more info...
"hbd Jeffrey-sama!"/"Nisekoi S2"/"Caly and Neibs started an idol group: " edition
[Releases: Free! Eternal Summer 06, Glasslip 11
Bot status: Ririchiyo:
Up, Botan: Up - Triggers: !new !list !find
#uk 234 users [+Ccnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to [#UK] 'No!' Edition | !karma- nick & !karma+ nick | SUNDAY is FREE OP day | £ | R.I.P Bmonk 1988-2013, #UK Co-Founder | | Saying no to the USA since 1776 | Stats=Axs Top10=+o/@ Top20=+h/% Top30=+v
#VIzon 229 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #VIzon, the Rizon Lottery channel & &
Result of No.522 VIzon: 3 5 8 20 26 28
Time of upcoming drawing (No.523): 6pm EST on 1 November / 12am CET on 2 November
#help 228 users [+CNcnptzl] Connect more info...
Rizon Chat Network Help
IRC or Rizon questions? See
If that link doesn't help, ask, and then wait for assistance.
#jakarta 212 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #Jakarta international City
Orang Indonesia NgobroL / Maen Games /Gathering / Ngopi ^_^
main Game 10 in 1 :
Enjoy Games
!jkt utk stop Games | .strivia utk stop Trivia|
#hatsuyuki 212 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Welcome!|Releases: Search: [Latest]: 1Piece 666|NS 382|Akame ga Kill! 17|F/SN UBW 03|FT S02E29 (204)|SAO S02E14|DBK S02E24|LogHorizon S02E04|Trinity Seven 04|Kiseijuu 03|Magi OVA 2|Shingeki no Kyojin OVA2|Saint Seiya 97 END|Mibbit CANNOT dl
#iTrade 206 users [+NRcntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #iTrade The biggest trade channel in eRepublik READ RULES -|- SCAMMERS LIST-> - Type !scammers or !check ID <- DO NOT TRADE WITH PEOPLE THAT HAVE DIFFERENT NICKNAME IN GAME AND ON THIS CHANNEL OR GO TO #MIDDLEMAN FOR A MIDDLEMAN Always use /whois nickname command in private with the trader to see his real access on #itrade.
#Rizon 198 users [+CNcntzl] Connect more info...
Rizon Chat Network
For IRC/Rizon help, visit #help
Do not spam channels or links
Channel ranking: 1.
#elitewarez 3021 2. #news 1661 3. #HorribleSubs 1414 4. #nibl 1048 5. #commie-subs 539 6. #nipponsei 510 7. #doki 502 8. #RizonIRPG 499 9. #UTW 476 10. #FFFpeeps 465 | Hourly mention: #r/a/dio
#CHIHIRO 198 users [+MNntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to ~Chihiro Fansubs~! ^_#
Releases: Locodol 06, SMC 04, Blade Dance 12, Nozaki-kun 02, Grisaia 04, Chaika AB 04 |
#Anime-Koi 198 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...

Recruiting: Msg Layton to apply with your email
| Chaika AB: @find [B1A0D7CA] or !ChaikaS2ep4
Ronja Rövardotter: @find Ronja
Ai Tenchi: @find Ai Tenchi
Gugure: @find [DECBCBB2] or !Kokkuri04
Buddy Complex FC- Ep1: @find [9576C109] Ep2: @find [FC97CBFB | Dai no Daibouken: @find Daibouken ||!new, !list
#asianbookie 192 users [+CNnptzl] Connect more info...
***Welcome To Livechat!***
#linux 184 users [+CNcntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #linux !
Ask your question(s) and be patient as it is different time(s) around the globe
#rizonbnc 164 users [+NRcntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to #RizonBNC, Rizon's official BNC channel
Before requesting, please read and
If the FAQ does not answer your question, please ask and wait patiently.
#kampung 163 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to #kampung @ IRC.RIZON.NET
Relax, Enjoy, Idle. Play Games
Wanna Be a Part of Us? pm l0g Kthx
#Mercenaries 154 users [+CNRcnptz] Connect more info...
Welcome To #mercenaries | Rules: | Buying & Selling Damage: | Supplies: N/A|
#Anime-Supreme 152 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
[ ] !new !triggers [a-S]New-Releases: [Accel World 9-12, Un-Go 8-11, Fairy Tail 84-88][Accel World 5-8, Un-Go 4-7, Fairy Tail 81-84][Accel World 1-4, Un-Go 1-3, Fairy Tail 77-80][Fate/Zero 21-21, Towa no Quon 5-6, Fairy Tail 73-76]
#Hiryuu 150 users [+Nntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to Hiryuu Fansubs || || Where Nigels? Edition
Triggers: !new !find || Packlist: || Latest: !sao214_5 !tigre01 !madan04 || Status: SAO2 15: TL, Madan 04: Released, GuP OVA: TL || Recruiting translators, editors and encoders.
#sutrade 148 users [+Rntz] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Official Suna.e-Sim Trade Channel!
Please use CONTRACT or you may get scammed!

Channel Rules:

Report Scammers or ask for help on #support

NO article links through query, use #suna.articles / Merc: #SuMerc
#kaylith 147 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
#ANIMEHQ 143 users [+cntz] Connect more info...
.:.ANIME-HQ.:.Dual Audio High Quality DVD/Bluray Rips.:. | BT: (Up)
Recruiting: #ahq-recruits | !Distro !Rules !Pantsu | New: HotD 1-3
Coming Soon: DBZ Kai, Soul Eater, Highschool of the Dead |
#yibis 140 users [+cntz] Connect more info...
(屮゚ Д゚)屮 Yibis Fansubs Movie 9/10/Z Episode 0 episodo 664 Torrents: #yibis-recruits : fansubbers :D !NO ANIME SPOILERS! Yibis Minecraft & TS3: ♫♪♥ щ(゚Д゚щ)
#/g/punk 138 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
4chan cyberpunk
No thread found
talk to assa&foxboron if you're going to 31C3
#WhyNot? 137 users [+ntz] Connect more info... |Packlist - or /msg Kintoki xdcc send -1 | !fabulous | !poems | FUCKING STEINS;GATE WHERE - S;G Batch
#losslessONE 132 users [+CNnptz] Connect more info...
LosslessONE & LossyONE .:: Announcement: Blog updated Recent: circle of fith (BT only for now) Read onjoin message from LonE
#irrational-typesetting-wizardry 131 users [+ntz] Connect more info...
Irrational Typesetting Wizardry
Update to Aegisub 3.2.1 and stop deleting your extradata.
New AegiMotion:
AI2ASS guide:
sm2345 wants an editor for
#leaguesharp 129 users [+Ccntzl] Connect more info...
[L#: Updated ( ver.23.10 ) (ver.10.10)][Website: ][L# Download: ][Requirements: & ][Repos & Assemblies: ][Bot: .lsi][IRC: Unmuted
#japanese.utf8 127 users [+Cntz] Connect more info...
jBot is here in UTF8! - Visit our website for encoding help:
#c++ 124 users [+ntzl] Connect more info...
The place for C++
We have one rule: Got Code? Paste ->
Maxima omnium virtutum est Patientia
Don't ask to ask, just ask.
There's also #C and #python
If you ask and there's nobody around, it may take some time to get a reply.
It's probably best to just save yourself the trouble and learn #python
List of C++ Compilers:
#SeTrade 123 users [+CMRcntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Official Secura.e-Sim Trade Channel!|| Please use CONTRACT or you may get scammed!|| Channel Rules: || Report Scammers or ask for help on #support or query admins)|| || NO article links through query, use #sec.articles / Merc: #SeMerc || akick List is cleared Gameday 782,19:15 16-10-2014||To Get Voice Appear Here:
#erepublik 122 users [+Ncntzl] Connect more info...
Welcome to the official channel of | English only | Wiki Channel: #wiki | Community: | Read first: | Be polite, state your issues and do not highlight or query anyone | No Admins here
We're aware of the technical issues!

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