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#EquestriaDaily 90 users Connect more info...
[+BCFHPSTfjnt 10:5 5:900 15:5 5:30] Welcome to #EquestriaDaily! This channel is rated All Ages
Guide and rules:
All S7 episodes are open for Discussion| Season is over. Hiatus time strikes again. [MLP Movie spoilers be cool, dawg]
#techponies 79 users Connect more info...
[+AHJKPTnt 10:300 30] Hardware, Software, Whatever
<Moonlightning> pick your balls yo :(
#gsc 78 users Connect more info...
[+FKNTfmnt 3:30 3:2] { دین کی اہمیت } " جس گاؤں میں بارش نہ ہو وہاں کی فصلیں خراب ہو جاتی ہیں، اس ہی طرح جس گھر میں دین نہ ہو وہاں کی نسلیں خراب ہو جاتی ہیں "....
#EquestriaAfterDark 62 users [+BCPSTnt] Connect more info...
[18+] EAD, the dark side of Equestria beckons you.
Take all discussion of future stuff to #EquestriaSpoilers !!| Current Character List:
#FalloutEquestria 53 users Connect more info...
[+CHJPfnt 10:9001 360 10:15] [M18+] - Rules -
#CanterlotHill 48 users Connect more info...
[+BCFHJKPSTnt 5:60 5:900 4] WE WILL SURVIVE!
CanterlotHill refugees unite! Form up Voltron!
Regulus is still your fox liason for all things fuzzy
Tune in to for shows live shows and 24hr electronic music
PONE RETURNS APRIL 15th prepare your hype
#Canternet 44 users Connect more info...
[+ACHPSTfnt 10:300 4:5] Official lobby channel of Canternet. This channel is PG. /join #Help for support
To register a nick : /msg NickServ REGISTER <password> <email>
To find channels: "/list >25"
Idle RPG Channel: #IdleRPG
#SRQsRoom 42 users [+AHPSn 20:120] Connect more info...
RIP Malcolm Young
And in a STRANGE COINCIDENCE, happy birthday Commodus!
#Neverfree 42 users Connect more info...
[+ACHJPSnt 20:900 5] Batponies are love; Batponies are life.
#derpafterdark 41 users Connect more info...
[+CHPSTfnt 32:600 10:2] Welcome to DerpAfterDark (18+). Please do not join an ongoing RP without the players' consent and please keep spoilers in #DerpSpoilers. Feel free to engage in sexual intercourse or to just hang out, anything goes. =stats are here:
#kittensgame 30 users [+PSnt] Connect more info...
You are a kitten in a catnip forest
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[+ACJPSTfjnt 30 4:5 2:10] Official help channel of Canternet
To register a nick : /msg NickServ help register
To group a nick, /msg nickserv help group
Lost password? /msg nickserv SENDPASS <accountname>
State your question and people will answer eventually (It might take 10 or so minutes)
#PonyvilleLIVE 29 users [+PSnt] Connect more info...
Official Home of the Ponyville Live! Network
Pony Radio, Video, Podcasts & Convention Coverage
Bringing Pony People Together
Follow us on Twitter! @PonyvilleLive
#Compu 28 users Connect more info...
[+HJPnt 30:9000 60] [NSFW][RP][ERP] Come have roleplay funtimes! Will be very, VERY NSFW :D
Art Commissions:
Mumble Server: Port: 64738 Radio
#TechPoniesAfterDark 28 users Connect more info...
[+AHPTft 15:10m 8:5] Welcome to #TechPoniesAfterDark, the almost-best channel on Canternet; second only to lots of others!
Woof status: In the loo
#bronyTV 28 users [+BJKPSTnt 5] Connect more info...
Welcome to BronyTV
Join our discord and give it life!
Minecraft Realm is up! Contact Ember for whitelisting.
No new episode link yet
#LGBT 28 users Connect more info...
[+ACFHJKPdfnt 5:5 5:60 15 1 5:5]
LGBT network - #LGBT-rp (RP) #LGBT-raw (Unfiltered)
Roster: (Add Yourself: )
Infrequent cuddle surprises
#parasprite 27 users Connect more info...
[+BCFJKPSTfnt 3:20 30 5:3] Parasprittin' all day!
Tune in:
Discord chat:
Source code:
#BerryTube 26 users Connect more info...
[+HPTflnt 30:300 5:3 88] BerryTube :: :: :: Everyone is on is why we drink ::
#EquestriaDailyOOC 23 users [+PSnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Friendship is Magic RolePlaying channel!
New character form: Character Sheets: Logs:
Don't be shy; speak up!
Spoiler Rule: Episode: OFF Leaks: ON - The current last normal episode. = 25 & 26 Movie: No
#equestriadailyart 22 users [+HPTcnt 50:60] Connect more info...
Welcome to EDA! PG-13 CHAT
DeviantART:| if ANY user of this chat doesnt make good on a paid commission, please alert and admin.
#foldingismagic 22 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
Brony@Home ~ Folding@Home Team 212997 IRC Channel
2017/2018 folding competition!
Record points in a day: 29,717,065
#FalloutEquestriaAfterDark 21 users Connect more info...
[+HJPfnt 10:800 1800 10:10] [RATING - NSFW 18+, NSFHeartshine] Fallout Equestria After Dark - Read the rules: - Char Sheet:
#mlpccg 20 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the official channel for
#StallionStuffers 19 users [+AHPnt 32:1h] Connect more info...
Sunrise Flare would like to welcome mature sapients of all genders and species to the debauchery that is #StallionStuffers
Featured porn, linked anonymously:
#celestiaradio 18 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
Celestia Radio: Longest Operating Radio Station in the Fandom!
Tune in at or on
CR’s Schedule
Chatroom Rules!
Celestia Radio: All Broken All The Time
#EquestriaSpoilers 18 users [+PSnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to #EquestriaSpoilers! This channel is PG. Keep any discussion of future pony stuff here.
Season 7 continues!
#YayPonies 17 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
No Spoiler !
NSFW should be tagged, No ADS, No RP !
07x23 720P & 1080P iTunes Raw (No subtitles) available!
#ponyvillefm 16 users [+JPnt 15] Connect more info...
[PG-13] - 6 Years of Radio!
We're on HoofSounds!
Discord: Come join us! Chat Rules:
#ukofequestria 15 users [+ACHPnt 10:180] Connect more info...
The UK of Equestria - PG and no swearing. Please read
No spoilers until 24h after episodes first air
#EquestrianDiscourse 15 users [+HPnt 10:600] Connect more info...
Welcome to Discourse! Where we talk Politics, religion, awesomeness discussions
Sharing an idea opens it to scrutiny. Be prepared to defend it!
Friends of #EquestrianStudy
Meet the Mods!
#fillyradio 15 users Connect more info...
[+AHJPSnt 10:600 30] Welcome to Fillydelphia Radio IRC!
News: Station is off air permanently. It was a good run folks!
"Goodbye, and thanks for all the tuna" - JJ. Abrams
#CuddlePuddle 14 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to the Cuddle Puddle! Inherently NSFW, as is any time affections happen on the internet, but OH WELL!! Despite popular belief, I am not dead
#idlerpg 14 users [+PSmnt] Connect more info...
Canternet's Idling channel! To join in, /msg IdleRPG REGISTER <char name> <password> <char class>. To login, /msg IdleRPG LOGIN <char name> <password>. For other commands,
#LGBT-raw 13 users Connect more info...
[+ACFJKPdfnt 5:5 15 1 5:5]
Barely Censored - Often NSFW - Unrated/Adult| General - #LGBT , Roleplaying - #LGBT-rp |
#Silly 12 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
Chat, stay awhile, derp! 6 u 9
We are a Free for all channel with ratings, just no spam, thankies~
Visit our Sister Channel #SillyFox run by my baby Braixen!
#STEM 12 users [+APSTnt] Connect more info...
#EquestriaNightlyArt 12 users [+HPcnt 10:600] Connect more info...
[ Welcome to ENA! ][ Channel Rules:  ][  This Channel is for Mature (18+) artwork ][  For the more general PG13 channel please see #EquestriaDailyArt ][ NO SPOILERS! For Spoilers visit #PonySpeculation ] Cocks, Clowns and cumfetti
#HackingIsMagic 12 users [+nt] Connect more info...
Brony makers, prototypers, engineers, crafters, Come share your engineering and craft projects. Love and Tolerate, but void warranties.
Don't ask to ask, just ask. But stay for the answer, please.
Getting help on IRC:
#Hoofy 12 users Connect more info...
[+HJPnt 30:9000 60] Friends are welcome! ƸӜƷ
No bullies, trolls or etc.. This room is meant to be safe~
Those that break those rules get banned!  Hoofy's beautiful home with droids a back yard
#EquestriaDailyRP 11 users [+PSnt] Connect more info...
Welcome to Equestria Daily RP!
A PG13 Role Playing Channel!
Please join #EquestriaDailyOOC for Rules and Character Sheets.
This is the In Character Channel, Do not post here!!!
Please enjoy your stay.
#vore 11 users [+HPnt 15:30m] Connect more info...
For people who are into ponies... literally.
Occasionally NSFW, enter at your own discretion.
Ponies in ponies in ponies in ponies in sunshiny ponies in happy miss ponies...
#poniniemi 11 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
S7 Ponytron joskus.
#EquestrianMechs 10 users [+HPnt 10:9001] Connect more info...
Battlemechs and Ponies
TS: ; MWO Channel PW:SHADOWRUN MW5:Mercs Trailer, coming 2018
#lunasloftooc 10 users [+AHPnt 32:10m] Connect more info...
This is the Loft's OOC, meta, and general-chat channel
Loft Network rules:
Character spreadsheet:
#FalloutEquestriaBook 10 users [+HPnt 15:3600] Connect more info...
Home of the FoE Print Project – – Status: – If someone isn’t around to answer your questions, feel free to email
#LGBT-rp 9 users Connect more info...
[+ACFHKPdfnt 5:5 10:9000 1 5:5] #LGBT Network
RP-only Channel
SFW & NSFW RP Allowed
#DerpyME 9 users [+HPnt 10:30m] Connect more info...
Official channel for - Shorter links, more derp!
API coming soon, hopefully.
#Bronydom 9 users Connect more info...
[+CJKPfnt 30 5:3] Bronydom Network ( Official IRC Chat
Now with SSL support
Partnered with CinemaQuestria!
#HoofyNSFW 9 users [+Pnt] Connect more info...
(17+ Channel) Welcome to HoofyNSFW : Webiste : : Chat Rules : : Home of her mistress Hoofy - -

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